Johnny Depp at the San Sebastian Film Festival

Posted on September 23, 2020

He’s baaaaack. And he’s barely changed a bit.


Actually, that’s not quite true. While the skeezy Depp vibe is still on display, his style choices have been toned down to an almost unrecognizable extent. Where are all the scarves and chains and feathers and gewgaws hanging off him? Where is our elderly gay windchime of yore? He’s been reduced to Creepers, a douche-hat, and an ill-fitting suit. Sad. We’ve said for years he needed a serious style rethink, but even we wouldn’t have recommended that he get rid of everything that makes him so… Johnny Depp. For someone with such a distinctive style, it seems it was all about the trinkets and accessories with him. Once you get him to tone that down, there’s no style left. There are plenty of great suiting options for a middle-aged rocker dude who still wants to rock out. You don’t have to go straight to sloppy banker-wear and a couple of rings you won at the fairgrounds.

[Photo Credit: Sean Thornton/Cover Images/]

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