The Daily T LOunge for August 5, 2020

Posted on August 05, 2020

Amano Bar, Munich, Germany


Ooooh, today’s LOunge is Totally T Lo – and by that we mean if you gave us half a million dollars and asked us to decorate a lounge space, it would look very much like this. Love the furniture, love the fixtures, LOVE the soothingly funky color scheme. We could sit here all day – assuming our drinks and nosh were comped for the duration. BOY, do we miss sitting in a nice restaurant and paying someone to wait on us.

Today is WEDNESDAY. That’s something, at least.

Musing for the day: It struck us recently that we’re about to head into autumn, crazy as that prospect sounds. We think everyone collectively ignored the change of the seasons during lockdown because it happened just as spring sprung and there’s less of a transition from late spring into summer. But once those leaves start falling and the days get shorter, we fear a lot of folks are going to freak out, feeling like an entire year has been wiped from their timeline. We’re trying to gear up for that feeling so we don’t succumb to it. Brace yourselves for fall, folks! Because after that, we’ll be in the dark days of winter before you know it. We suspect everyone’s going to put up their holiday decorations a month early and keep them up until just before Easter. Should we all invest in extra lighting to avoid seasonal depression? Are we all going to have epic electric bills because the inside of our homes are all going to look like high noon round the clock for the next 6 months? How are you preparing for another season in lockdown?

And if you don’t feel like pondering THAT (for which we don’t blame you), you could always distract yourself with our carefully curated menu of distractions:


Meet the Stylist Behind Beyoncé’s Epic Visual Album
Zerina Akers is having a moment. The Maryland bred stylist has long been a familiar name to fashion insiders and members of the Beyhive, but her cultural impact has never been more evident. After six years of working with Beyoncé Knowles, curating the music legend’s wardrobe in music videos, Instagram posts, and on red carpets, last week she helped deliver Knowles’s magnum opus, Black is King. A bombastic trip through the star’s Lion King companion album, The Gift, and across the African continent, it serves as a showcase for both their talents. With more than a hundred different looks, each frame of the film overflows with fashion culled from runways, boutiques, designers yet to be discovered by the mainstream, and custom pieces Akers made all by herself.


7 Fascinating Tales From Balmoral, the Queen’s Scottish Estate
Buckingham Palace recently confirmed Queen Elizabeth is soon to be on the move. After spending lockdown at Windsor Castle, she and Prince Philip are relocating to Balmoral for their annual summer holiday, though this year will undoubtedly be different than years past. The coronavirus pandemic, for example, has cancelled the annual Highland Games.
Yet as much as things change at Balmoral, the more they stay the same. Since it was purchased by Prince Albert for his wife, Queen Victoria, in 1852, the neo-Gothic castle has been passed down through successions of the royal family. And while Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castles belong to The Crown—aka the institution of the British monarchy—Balmoral is private property. The Windsors will have it regardless of whether they are in power, and there’s no obligation to use it for official or state functions.
As a result, it’s where the royals can really let their hair down. And while reports from Balmoral are few and far between, a choice few tidbits have come out into the open in its over-160-year history. Here, the most fascinating stories from Balmoral, the queen’s grand Scottish estate.


40 Iconic Teenage Characters Who Were Played by Much Older Actors
The Hollywood casting process has always been flawed. You have white actors playing people of color, straight males playing the lead in LGBTQ+ narratives, and actors who have graduated from high school a decade ago playing teenagers. Tinseltown is trying to be better, but older actors are still playing teenagers. Why? Marcia Ross—who cast 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) and Clueless (1995)—explained to Teen Vogue in 2017 that “actors under the age of 18 need to have guardians on set and work a limited set of hours because of schooling.”
Yeah, the answer isn’t as scandalous as you think, so it will probably keep happening. We’re not hating, though—some of the actors on this list made their show or movie totally timeless. (I’m talking about you, Chace Crawford in Gossip Girl.) What would our adolescence years have been like if we didn’t have a bunch of hot 20-somethings moping around on our TV screens every week? I’m shuddering at the thought. Ahead, 40 actors a little too old to be playing high school kids on the big screen.


How a Cheese Goes Extinct
There are countless ways for a cheese to disappear. Some, like Holbrook’s, die with their makers. Others fall out of favor because they’re simply not good: one extinct Suffolk cheese, “stony-hard” because it was made only with skimmed milk, was so notoriously bad that, in 1825, the Hampshire Chronicle reported that one ship’s cargo of grindstones was eaten by rats while the neighboring haul of Suffolk cheese escaped untouched.


With ‘Mulan,’ Disney Tests Out Entirely New Early VOD Model
In another major blow to movie theaters, Disney announced “Mulan” will forgo its planned theatrical release. Instead, the live-action remake is premiering on Disney Plus on Sept. 4 for a premium rental price.
The company believes that the release of the action epic will help drive subscribers while serving as a valuable test case to determine how much of their hard-earned cash customers are willing to part with in order to watch a movie that was originally intended to debut exclusively in cinemas.
Unlike the rest of the content available on Disney Plus, “Mulan” won’t be available directly to subscribers. Consumers in the U.S. and other territories will have to pay $29.99 to rent the movie on top of the streaming service’s monthly subscription fee of $6.99. In markets where Disney Plus isn’t available, “Mulan” will play in cinemas.


Ryan Reynolds Says He And Blake Lively Will Always Be ‘Unreservedly Sorry’ For Their Plantation Wedding
Ryan Reynolds opened up in detail for the first time about how much he and his wife Blake Lively deeply regret their decision to get married at Boone Hall, a former plantation in South Carolina. It was 2012 then, and they had seen the venue on Pinterest. Last May, Pinterest banned plantation-style wedding content, meaning photos of Lively and Reynolds’ fête itself are no longer on the photo-sharing platform. That made headlines.


Salvator Mundi: The most expensive painting in the world is getting the Broadway treatment
A new retelling of the drama and mystery surrounding the world’s most expensive painting is set to take the stage in New York in 2022 as a major Broadway musical.
“Salvator Mundi!” The Musical, announced by Tony Award-winning production company Caiola Productions, will chronicle the tale of Leonardo da Vinci’s Renaissance-era portrait of Jesus, presumed lost for hundreds of years and only rediscovered this century.




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