The Daily T LOunge for August 31, 2020

Posted on August 31, 2020

Inns Whiskey Bar – Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Surround yourselves with luxury, darlings! Spend your day safely ensconced in a veritable cocoon of gold! Why? You know damn well why. Because it’s good for you, dammit.

Also because today is MONDAY and you could use all the help you can get avoiding reality for as long as possible.

We, for our parts, have no time for chit-chat because for the first time in nearly 6 months, we have a full roster of celebrity style shenanigans to get to, thanks to the VMAs and all the cray they served up. Talk amongst yourselves!


Inside the Joyous Normalcy of the Met’s Reopening
Once I’d braved a line that snaked to 84th Street and back (the people love art!), had my temperature checked, and slipped past the people waiting to claim their tickets, there was a happy familiarity to what I saw and heard: visitors admiring Rodins and Instagramming the Temple of Dendur; well-dressed teens heading into the Costume Institute’s latest, In Pursuit of Fashion: The Sandy Schreier Collection; toddlers squealing, phones going off.


I Work in Racial Equity, My Husband Is Working on COVID—Here’s How We’re Coping
It has been a challenging few months for us. We know we have so much to be thankful for: our health, our jobs, our very adorable dog. Still, we are exhausted. And as much as we love each other, we sometimes get sick of each other. While he envies my safe space at home, I’m jealous that he gets to leave the house each day and interact with people other than me.
Because of the work that I do, I know we are both grieving. We grieve separately and together for the routines we each had, that we didn’t realize were sacred. For the family and friends we don’t get to see. For the plans we had for 202


Watch Amber Riley’s Moving Tribute to Naya Rivera on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Riley finally found a way to express her mourning, taking the stage for a musical tribute to Rivera’s life. Riley performed “A Moment,” a new song from her debut self-titled album, as black-and-white childhood photographs of Rivera gave way to pictures of her with her beloved four-year-old son, Josey.


Jessica Chastain on Navigating Hollywood’s New Normal
Despite all the steps taken to ensure Hollywood sets are safe environments, certain aspects of being on location make staying six feet apart from each other unavoidable. For one, the hair, makeup, and wardrobe teams must get up close to the actors to do their jobs. “The hair and makeup trailer was a whole new experience,” Chastain says. “They did a great job keeping everyone safe and minimizing the time that a bunch of people are together in a small space.” There’s also the question of acting once the cameras start rolling; actors must interact with each other, touch each other—all without masks. But there were plans for that too, says Chastain. “With all the other actors that I was getting within six feet from, we were all quarantined together,” she says. “I felt very comfortable that we weren’t going to pass anything to each other.” During filming, many of the crew were also put in a separate room to watch scenes from a monitor.


How the ‘Lovecraft Country’ Soundtrack Came Together, According to Misha Green
The showrunner explains how a little inspo from Beyoncé helped things along.
Within minutes of Lovecraft Country’s opening scene, it’s easy to see that Misha Green is committed to telling a genre-bending and blending show. The HBO series, that debuted in mid-August, is part horror, part sci-fi; at times it’s a laugh-out-loud comedy, other moments it’s a gripping, and thoughtful drama about Black lives. It expertly straddles lines between fantasy, gory monster movies, and Indiana Jones-esque adventure storytelling.
But it’s also easy to hear Green’s commitment to not being put in a box. The showrunner, writer, and director worked to create a soundtrack for the show that defies all expectations of a “period piece.” Though the show is set in the 1950s (like Matt Ruff’s book that inspired the series) the music is both anachronistic and an homage of the sound of the time.


Celebrities Pay Tribute to Chadwick Boseman
On Friday night, fans were shocked to learn that Chadwick Boseman had passed away at the young age of 43. Boseman was best known for starring as Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he also played several real-life Black icons, including Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall, and James Brown.
The late actor’s family broke the news in a statement shared to his social media accounts, explaining that he had been privately battling colon cancer since being diagnosed in 2016:
“A true fighter, Chadwick persevered through it all, and brought you many of the films you have come to love so much. From Marshall to Da 5 Bloods, August Wilson’s Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom and several more — all were filmed during and between countless surgeries and chemotherapy. It was the honor of his career to bring King T’Challa to life in Black Panther.”


The Beer Industry Looks for Ways to Help Black Brewers
As demands for racial equity rise, breweries begin taking steps to address the scarcity of Black people in their ranks.
“I’ve been sitting in the brewmaster’s chair for more than 30 years, and I’ve never seen a single African-American applicant for a brewing job,” said Mr. Oliver, 58, one of the few professional Black brewers in the country.
A GoFundMe campaign has already raised more than $97,000 for brewing and distilling scholarships for Black, Indigenous and people of color working in the industry — attaching a “rocket booster to them,” Mr. Oliver said, by supplying technical education to help them advance professionally. The beer business in America is overwhelmingly white. Although Black people are about 13 percent of the nation’s population, they comprise less than 1 percent of brewers, according to a survey by the Brewers Association, a trade group that represents more than 5,400 small, independent brewers in the United States.


A Virtual Tour of Malawi, the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’
Malawi leaves a lasting impression not because of its location or aesthetics, but because of its people, writes the photographer Marcus Westberg.
The sun rises over Lake Malawi, shared between Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique, as fishermen return after a night of hard work. But Malawi — roughly the size of Pennsylvania — has plenty of natural beauty of its own: the clear waters of Lake Malawi (close to 365 miles long and 52 miles wide, it’s sometimes called the “Calendar Lake”); the magnificent cliffs of Mount Mulanje; the unique highland plateau of Nyika; and its wildlife reserves, including Liwonde, where cheetahs, lions, elephants and rhinos have been reintroduced.




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