The Daily T LOunge for August 24, 2020

Posted on August 24, 2020

Bluesman Cocktail Bar – Barcelona, Spain


Let’s ease into the week with a LOunge that’s comfy and traditionally classic in style. We can meet up in the loud and crazy spaces later. For now, let’s huddle in small groups and speak on topics of little to no import, yes? Yes. Because any conversation on a topic of import gets frustrating in the first 30 seconds these days, don’t you find?

Today is MONDAY. We’re so sorry to have to tell you that.

Worse, it’s one of those Mondays where we woke up thinking it was Sunday. How awful for us, kittens. Weep for us. Truly the worst way to start a week. Even so, we’re ready and willing to face the day with bright-eyes and eager faces, even if the whole thing’s an act that’ll deteriorate by noon. Delusion is such an important skillset to have these days, don’t you find?

And on that note, here is a list of items to keep you blissfully unaware of matters of import for as long as you choose to. Enjoy, darlings!



See All 26 Editions of Vogue’s September Hope Covers as They’re Released
In the weeks to come, editions of Vogue from all over the world will release issues that unite around a universal theme of hope. This collective project will celebrate new talent and some of the most influential names in fashion, film, music, and activism. The idea is to explore hope in all its interpretations, elevating the voices of those, above all, who are determined to create positive change.


Every Laura Dern Performance, Ranked
Let me make one thing clear from the outset: There’s no such thing as a bad Laura Dern performance. Or even an average Laura Dern performance, for that matter.
There’s a baseline level of excellence that always shines through whenever Dern ends up in front of a camera. She brings the same level of commitment to a 30-second cameo as she does a plum leading role, of which there aren’t nearly enough. Society at large has only recently begun catching up to Dern’s greatness after a five-decade career breathing life into even the limpest of scripts. Her long-overdue Oscar win this past February remains the last and possibly only good thing to happen in 2020. And with Dern’s recent Emmy nomination for her deliciously acidic turn as Renata Klein on Big Little Lies’s second season, the Dern-aissance only continues to grow stronger with each and every casting announcement.


Sophie Turner Has Sansa’s Throne From The Game Of Thrones Finale In Her House
‘Welcome home,’ Turner captioned a photo of the impressive piece of furniture.
Taking to Instagram this weekend, Turner shared a photo of Sansa’s epic throne from the Game of Thrones finale. ‘Welcome home,’ she captioned a photo of the seat, which now resides in her house. It seems perfectly fitting that the actress would end up with her own throne.


Amy Sherald on Making Breonna Taylor’s Portrait
The artist, who painted Michelle Obama, took care to draw on details from Taylor’s life.
For more than 20 years, Amy Sherald has been putting the narratives of Black families and Black people to canvas. In 2016, she became the first woman and first African American to win the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition, which led to her painting Michelle Obama for the National Portrait Gallery in 2018. That oil-on-linen portrait was her first commissioned work—until Breonna Taylor.


We Live Online. Hurricanes and Blackouts Mean Enormous Isolation.
Bad weather and blackouts now destroy our ability to work, see family and friends, buy things and generally pretend that 2020 is normal.
Even as California has escalating rolling blackouts and Iowa has been blasted with storms, an extremely active hurricane season for the United States is only just beginning. It’s not just the loss of electricity Americans fear from these events. With the internet acting as a fragile lifeline to school, work and family, extended and extreme isolation is just a fallen tree away. After a vicious attack on Puerto Rico, Hurricane Isaias traveled up the Eastern Seaboard in early August, knocking out power, internet service or both for millions of Americans. Around the greater New York City metro area, many were disheartened to not get services back for more than a week. Some are still without service.


Roaming Through Lanzarote’s Otherworldly Vineyards
The desolate beauty of the winemaking tradition on Lanzarote, the easternmost of the Canary Islands, is evidence of human resilience in the face of adversity.
Situated some 80 miles off the southwest coast of Morocco, Lanzarote — with its stunning coastline, desert-like climate and plethora of volcanoes — is the easternmost of Spain’s Canary Islands. Major volcanic activity between 1730 and 1736, and again in 1824, indelibly altered the island’s landscape and helped pave the way for an improbable sight: a vast expanse of otherworldly vineyards. In recent years, Spain has devoted more land to vines than any other country in the world. And while the Canary Islands, more broadly, have a longstanding wine tradition — the archipelago’s wines, for example, were mentioned in several of Shakespeare’s plays — nothing could prepare me for the uniqueness of Lanzarote’s vines.


Melania Trump’s changes to the White House Rose Garden, explained
She dug up trees and put in paved walkways.
Melania Trump unveiled her overhaul of the White House Rose Garden Saturday, a month-long project that included digging up trees, replacing vibrant floral beds with white and pastel roses and laying down paved walkways.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the decisions still sowed confusion online about how the “after” photos showed an improvement from the “before.”


How face masks became the symbol of 2020
Beyond hand sanitiser and toilet roll, face masks have become 2020’s unlikely emblem, but what does the wearing of them symbolise, both now and then?
“I always think that transition of necessity into fashionability is really interesting,” says British designer Patrick McDowell. “We saw it with the trench coat from World War I which is now a staple in most people’s wardrobes, but at the time was a cutting-edge, military innovation.”




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