The Daily T LOunge for August 20, 2020

Posted on August 20, 2020

Pink Bar – Bangkok, Thailand

Now, we wouldn’t presume to tell a woman what a woman ought to think, but if a woman’s gotta think – THINK PINK!

Sorry, we’ll never not hear that immortal line when faced with an overwhelming sense of pinkness. Today’s LOunge calls for powder puffs, drinks with flowers and umbrellas in them, glossy lips and gossip. Or if you’re feeling all down-with-the-man, gender-essentialism-sucks, by all means, wear your Runaways t-shirt, clip your wallet to the chain on your belt, and put your boots up on the table. There’s room for all, darlings. The LOunge is an open space. And an imaginary one, which means it can be whatever we all decide it to be.

Today is THURSDAY. Look at you, all heading toward that finish line.

We are positively giddy this morning because our work style is slowly starting to feel like it’s getting back to what we call normal. We’re back to early morning meetings to come up with a publishing game plan for the day, largely because more and more celebrities are serving us fashion, which is still this site’s bread-and-butter. It’s been a stressful five months trying to come up with content that feels right for our brand and audience and we cannot tell you how much we long for the return of those days when we had so much celebrity style to cover we did things like red carpet rundowns and Friday Leftovers posts. Remember those? GOD knows we do. We’re nowhere near that level yet, but we can feel the shift in the zeitgeist. Even if things can’t return completely to normal for a good while – if they ever do – the worlds of fashion and pop culture are slowly starting to figure out how to work in this new paradigm. And so are we! So if you’ll excuse us, we have some posting to get to. Talk amongst yourselves until then, kittens!



What Kamala Harris Wore When She Accepted the Democratic Vice President Nomination
The colors of suffrage are three: white, symbolizing purity; gold, hope; and purple, loyalty. When Harris accepted the nomination for vice president, becoming the first Black and Indian-American woman to do so, her favorite pearl necklace (created by fellow Californian Irene Neuwirth) accessorized a pantsuit in a bordeaux color that is a variant of purple. Could it be that this was Harris’s way of acknowledging suffrage while also serving testament to the fact that women of color, who participated in the cause, did not reap its benefits?


In a Brandon Maxwell Dress, Jill Biden Brings a Can-do Spirit to the DNC
Dr. Biden’s dress was designed by Brandon Maxwell. This morning he told Vogue, “We were thrilled to see Dr. Biden wearing a piece from our collection on such an important day. Teachers have been so formative in my life and throughout my career I’ve been vocal about the importance of education. The fact that she did it in her former classroom was especially heartwarming.” He backed up those sentiments on Instagram, posting a message of support to teachers, his little sister included, who are returning to schools today.


The Glamour Of Indian Matchmaking Glosses Over The Harsh Realities Of Arranged Marriages
“Most women on Indian Matchmaking are accomplished professionals with hobbies and a social life. And every one of them is told to compromise and adjust expectations.”
That’s how pervasive arranged marriages are in Indian culture. My mom’s the most progressive Indian woman I know of her generation. She ran away from home to marry my father against her family’s wishes, and passed on a rebellious, non-conforming streak to me. Yet here she was, sharing a stranger’s marriage proposal for me to consider. Even its harshest critics can’t get away from arranged marriage.


U.K. Gets Guidelines for Shooting Sex Scenes Under Pandemic Restrictions
“The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new set of challenges for us to navigate. Directors are inherent problem solvers, and we can’t wait to get back to work,” said White. “One of the effects of social distancing has been to appreciate and re-evaluate physical contact as never before. The simple act of hugging has taken on a value no one ever dreamt of. It has made us really mindful of the power – both positive and negative – of touch and we need to carry over that mindfulness into the workplace. We’ve always used our craft to convey intimate stories and relationships on screen, and now, we must do that more creatively than ever.”


Loud and Queer at the Emmys: Noms Spotlight the Diversity of TV’s LGBTQ Characters and Storylines
Television and LGBTQ representation have enriched each other for the past two decades, and the 2020 nominations largely reflect the variety of queer stories and characters on TV. Admittedly, there’s room for improvement in the two big categories, with only the homoerotic cat-and-mouse thriller Killing Eve joining Schitt’s Creek among the queer-centered series nominees. But there’s no shortage of Emmy recognition for LGBTQ performers — or for actors playing queer characters. The 2020 noms also show healthy progress on two fronts where Hollywood has often failed LGBTQ representation: racial diversity in the queer community, and gay, trans and otherwise nonstraight love stories.


Will The Crown Deign to Acknowledge Prince Andrew and Fergie?
British tabloids reported that the up-and-coming actor Tom Byrne had been quietly cast in the role of Andrew for season 4 in March, which is also when filming wrapped. But there have been no reports whatsoever that an actress had been cast to join him as a young Ferguson in that season, which will mostly coincide with Margaret Thatcher’s time as Prime Minister through the ’80s. Ferguson entered the royal family with her marriage to Andrew in 1986 and almost immediately became an often controversial media sensation—so much so that it would be hard not to focus on her during the show’s fifth season.


For Black Jam Makers, the Power Is in Preserving
As the conversation turns to racial issues in the craft food movement, canning quality fruit is often the easy part.
When the photograph of a plastic bucket filled with moldy jam surfaced on social media in July, it upset a lot of people, not the least of whom were fans of Sqirl, the white-owned Los Angeles restaurant whose national profile rose on a thick, very Instagrammable slice of toast slathered with a layer of ricotta and a swipe of that famous jam. For some Black jam makers, though, the issue was about more than a bucket of contaminated preserves. It was hard not to view the whole mess through the lens of systemic racism, which hums in the background of America’s modern craft food movement.


Property Turn-Offs: 7 Red Flags When Viewing A Property
Here’s how to improve your chances of selling your home.
If you’re looking to sell your home or have recently put your property on the market, house viewings (whether in person or virtually) could highlight undesirable features that could deter prospective home buyers from making an offer.
So how can you make your home more sought-after with buyers? The finance experts at The Money Pig have compiled a list of the biggest red flags that could delay and ruin your chances of selling your home.




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