The Daily T LOunge for August 11, 2020

Posted on August 11, 2020

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Today’s LOunge feels all cozy and woodsy; perfect for those heading-into-fall blues. To be fair, we’re normally excited about the change of seasons – and we’re usually not anticipating it quite this early – but like everyone else, our internal clocks are so off that days and months and seasons all feel entirely personal and negotiable at the moment. For some, we’re at the tail end of summer. For others, it’s April 124th today. Who’s to say who’s right? 2020’s a wash, folks. We get to construct our own version of it if we want. We suspect we’re leaning in early on Autumn because when the weather gets colder and the days shorter, we won’t feel like we’re missing out on the world so much by staying in. We have no idea what we’re going to do when the holidays come around.

Still, if you’re the type who still cares about such things, today is TUESDAY. Or not, if you decide otherwise.


Members of Poland’s Parliament Staged a Protest With Their Clothes
This past Thursday, President Andrzej Duda of Poland was sworn in to office for a second term. The opposition party, composed of left-wing parliamentarians, wore dresses, shirts, and pants suits in the colors of the rainbow, along with coordinating masks, to show solidarity with Poland’s LGBTQ+ community. A bird’s-eye photo from above showed the stark contrast during the ceremony: One half of the room was composed of Duda in a black suit and his wife in a white dress, while the opposition mimicked a rainbow.


Why Tracee Ellis Ross Made Sure Pattern Gives Back to the Black Community
The actress and entrepreneur opens up about building her business and why the inclusive hair-care line is “inherently political.”
She spent much of her youth attempting to beat her hair into submission, trying to get it to live up to an aesthetic that didn’t match what she saw in the mirror. There were relaxers, weekly blowouts, irons (the ones for clothes and the ones for hair), and failed DIY bang chops. By the time Ellis Ross reached high school, she was ready to explore her natural texture. Since she is the daughter of Diana Ross, glamorous, gravity-defying hair is in her genes, but Ellis Ross required a plethora of products before she could discover the majesty of her own crown. “My mom would say, ‘Your products are going to break the bank,'” recalls Ellis Ross, who recently played a famed R&B star herself in The High Note. “I spent all of my allowance on hair products.”


11 Designers Who Are Making Accessories To Match Your Mask
There are four phases of mask wearing. The first happened at the beginning of quarantine, where you scrambled to DIY a mask using a dusty sewing machine or fumbled with a bandana that never stayed in place. The second phase occurred when you reluctantly bought a mask from a big box store in bulk because you realized you probably shouldn’t wear the same one for multiple sweaty days in a row. The third stage is when you finally caved and started experimenting with fun prints, or hell, even embellishments. The final frontier is this: matching your mask. The face covering has fully entered the accessories category.


Stacey Abrams and Janelle Monáe on the Fight for Democracy in an Election Season for the Ages
The former Georgia Representative talks to singer and fellow Atlantan Monáe about voter suppression, Joe Biden, and whether Abrams herself will one day run for president. (The answer: “Absolutely.”)
You can’t give up the power you have trying to get the power you want. – Stacey Abrams


65 Gift Ideas for Men Who Are Difficult to Shop For
Because you can give him only so many ties.
When it comes to shopping for birthdays or the holidays, finding the right gift for any man in your life can be a little tricky. What does your dad, husband, brother, or boyfriend really want? What will make his eyes sparkle? If you’re at a loss, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. From the perfect pair of sneakers to the coolest new tech accessories, we’ve rounded up all the best gift ideas for men. 


Hollywood Flashback: Michael Learned Won Her First ‘Waltons’ Emmy in ’73
The actress felt she was wrong for the part of Olivia, but she went to the audition anyway and “got to test with Richard Thomas and Ralph Waite. It was like acting with two other [real] actors.”
An audition did come up: Her agent convinced her to read for Olivia, a part Learned felt she was wrong for. But she went anyway and “got to test with Richard Thomas and Ralph Waite. It was like acting with two other [real] actors.” All three were cast ­— Thomas as her son, John-Boy, and Waite as her husband, John Sr.


17 Learning Tools For Your Next Outdoor Excursion
Ever wonder how underwater creatures make light? Or what a Carolina leaf-roller eats? Our list of apps, podcasts and websites will help you figure out what’s going on in the great outdoors.
Some of the most engaging and meaningful vacations have long been entwined with learning, be it visiting museums and libraries or touring historic properties. Nowadays, though, many vacations are outdoor excursions. Yet that doesn’t mean learning is strictly about survival skills. Rather, an outdoor vacation is an opportunity to explore the wonders of ocean life, geology, botany, ornithology, zoology and astronomy — particularly with the help of some portable tools that put field guides, encyclopedias, atlases and expert research in your pocket. Whether teaching you how to identify what you see and hear (trees, flowers, birds, bugs, stars), or explaining the features and workings of the natural world (tides, bioluminescence, migration, meteorites), these nature apps, podcasts and websites aim to help all ages roam and learn.


100 Years Ago, ‘Crazy Blues’ Sparked a Revolution for Black Women Fans
Mamie Smith’s song wasn’t just an artistic breakthrough. It proved Black women and girls bought records, paving the way for today’s fan armies.
This is a side of Black women’s cultural lives rarely considered and yet deeply woven into our modern pop universe. This week marks the 100th anniversary of Mamie Smith recording “Crazy Blues,” African-American women’s breakthrough into the mainstream recording industry — a feat that is stunning and impactful, yet so often misunderstood or forgotten that most people would be hard pressed to name the artist whose smash altered the course of pop. And though they’re rarely acknowledged in histories of music, the Black women and girls who responded to Smith’s sound in mass helped upend the anti-Blackness of America’s nascent record business in the early 20th century.



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