Kerry Washington in Alexandre Vauthier at the Democratic National Convention

Posted on August 20, 2020

Miss Kerry suited up for the night and served up a little gangster (a la Dick Tracy, not OG) realness.



Gotta say, we kinda love it. In terms of the rules for television dressing, one might be inclined to say this pinstripe is a little too high-contrast and busy for the camera. It doesn’t really check off the boxes for  how to dress like a TV hostess and it might have come off distracting in a talk show setting. But given how stark and spare this convention has been from an aesthetic standpoint, not to mention the historic nature of the ticket and the night itself, in which the Black woman doing the hosting would be introducing the first Black president as well as the first Back and South Asian female candidate for Vice-President, a little rule-breaking is not only to be expected, the occasion probably demands it. She looks sharp and business-like, but chic and fabulous. When women stand in the political arena, the expectations for how to comport themselves narrow down her options to a pinpoint and there usually isn’t much room for them to throw elbows or assert themselves in a kickass sort of way. We like how aggressive this comes across. It’s refreshing.


Style Credits:
Alexandre Vauthier Pinstriped Twill Blazer and Pinstriped Twill Wide-Leg Pants from the Spring 2020 Collection

Styled by Law Roach | Hair by Larry Sims | Makeup by Carola Gonzalez


[Stills: 2020 Democratic National Convention – Photo Credit: Courtesy of Alexandra Vauthier,]

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