John David Washington Promotes “Tenet” in Giorgio Armani

Posted on August 20, 2020


Look, everyone! Look! A movie star promoting their movie! Remember those days? Let’s return to them, however briefly and however much we might have to imagine a more fabulous setting.




We’re happy to see any celeb doing the promo work and getting themselves all styled up to do it, but we think the ladystars are just better trained at this sort of thing – by which we mean pretending to be in a typical promotional setting when you’re really just posing in your agent’s driveway or whatever. Give the average young male star the typical red carpet treatment and most of them, even if they hate it, will fake their way through it, possibly feeding off the energy of the moment. But asking any of them to just stand and pose in a neutral setting is beyond most of their capabilities, we’d wager. Female stars are, for good or for ill, trained to do more when a camera is turned on them and they’re wearing something picked out for them. All of this is just our nice way of saying we get it, John David. This is weird. You’re trying. Huzzah.

Style-wise, this feels – much like the constantly shifting plans for the release of this film because director Christopher Nolan could not accept that 2020 was actually happening which you know what, same – like it’s getting a bit ahead of itself. This would be cute for an October release, but cardigans in mid-August feel a little off to us. We do appreciate how well he’s making it work, though. That thing could go geriatric in a second on a different wearer, but it all feels fresh – if a little off-season to us. We don’t mind the pants but we know that cut tends to set some folks’ teeth on edge.






Style Credits:
Giorgio Armani Geometric Silk-Cashmere Blend Cardigan
All Saints Pants

Styled by Samantha McMillen | Grooming by Yvette Shelton


[Photo Credit: Samantha McMillen/Instagram,]

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