“God’s Own Country” and “The Crown” Star Josh O’Connor for British Esquire’s Style and Fashion Issue

Posted on August 14, 2020

“God’s Own Country” and “The Crown” star Josh O’Connor covers British Esquire‘s Style and Fashion Issue photographed by Simon Emmett and styled by Catherine Hayward.



For each character he plays, Josh O’Connor creates a scrapbook, filled with photos and clippings and even small objects, attached to the pages. To start his Prince Charles scrapbook, he remembered a clothes shop in Cheltenham where he would get kit for school.

“I went on the website and ordered the most public school shorts I could find. Crispy white shorts. I got those,” he says, “and I soaked them in mud and left them in a sports bag for a week and cut out the material and stuck that in.” (Charles, as viewers of earlier series of The Crown will know, was scarred by his years at Gordonstoun, the brutal Scottish school he so hated.)

“I get quite experimental,” O’Connor continues. “It’s purely for me, no one ever sees [the scrapbooks]. I bought some aftershave, the oakiest one I could find, the most Charles-y one I could imagine, and sprayed that in the book. Maybe it’s kind of over the top and maybe it doesn’t help me at all but I do it for fun, so who cares?”

On the experience of making God’s Own Country: “Raw and intense,” is how O’Connor describes the film itself, as well as the experience of making it. “We played it for complete truth,” he says. “I worked on the farm where we shot for three or four weeks before we started shooting, and I was still working on it while we were making the film. It was hard. I had the time of my life.”


Style Credits:
Cover: Cream Cashmere Honeycomb-pattern Turtleneck by Canali
Image: Light Green/black Toile de Jouy Pattern Wool Crew-neck Sweater by Dior


[Photo Credit: Simon Emmett/British Esquire Magazine]

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