A Gallery of Mid-Century Vintage Seventeen Magazine Covers

Posted on July 10, 2020

And now another stroll through the fashions of yesteryear because no one’s really serving up much fashion in the here and now. We can’t say teen-girl fashion mags are our purview so we’ll leave the observations to others, but we’ll note that fashions of the mid 20th Century can be awfully aging for anyone under twenty-five or so. In almost every case, the title of the magazine seems to contradict the cover because maybe one or two of these models look like they could be teenagers. To be fair, there was plenty of youth culture style happening in the forties, fifties and sixties, but a lot of it wasn’t the kind of stuff magazine editors were prepared to highlight on their covers. No bobby-soxers, beatnik chicks or hippie girls to be found on any of these covers. Just respectable young white ladies dressed like their mothers.









[Photo Credit: Pinterest, Etsy, Ebay]

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