The Daily T LOunge for July 21, 2020

Posted on July 21, 2020

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STOP. GLAMOUR TIME! Here we are, darlings; in another glittering, gorgeous, glam setting, ready to start a new day by doing everything in our power to prevent you from starting yours in a timely manner. We’re the little devils sitting on your shoulder, urging you to be just a little less productive. Or we’re the little angels sitting on your shoulder, helping you get through the day. Honestly, we look cute in either outfit.

Today is TUESDAY. Haha. That blows.

Anyway, we’re stuck in a raging heat wave at the moment, which is just about the only news left to report in our lives. We painted the bedroom yesterday, organized some closets, did a little of this and that. This would normally be a week for doing things out in the world, but that’s too stressful to be dealt with at the moment. We predict there’s going to be a raging national case of agoraphobia when this is all over. How are things in your neck of the woods? As you ponder the answer to that increasingly difficult-to-answer question, feel free to sample from our Open Bar of Distractions:


The Iconic House from “The Golden Girls” Has Been Put on the Market for the First Time Ever
Whether you’re a big time The Golden Girls fan, or just a casual viewer, you’re probably familiar with Blanche’s mid-century home located at 6151 Richmond Street in Miami, Florida. As you may already know, that address is bogus, as well as all the rooms in the house where the ladies were filmed—it was just a set. However, the iconic one-story home flashed during The Golden Girls first season is VERY much real. And now, for the first time ever, it’s been put up for sale.


Cultural Appropriation Was Always Inexcusable
In the midst of the global reckoning on race, it’s time to end appropriation in the fashion and beauty worlds.
Year after year, luxury fashion brands (particularly European houses like Comme des Garcons and Valentino, as well as the American designer Marc Jacobs) send white models down the runways in Black hairstyles, only reinforcing the problem. The beauty industry is similarly guilty, rolling out “new” looks that Black people have worn for generations, the same hairstyles for which they have been discriminated against. “[Certain styles are] a result of surviving and creatively expressing a sense of resilience and pride” among Black people, says Kimberly Jenkins, founder of The Fashion and Race Database, an open-source platform working to “expand the narrative of fashion history and challenge mis-representation within the fashion system.”


The Best Farms in Every State
Wherever you are right now, there is most likely one close by; blueberry patches in Maine, cattle ranches in Montana, urban farms in Phoenix or Tucson, oyster farms in the Pacific Northwest—go to these places in silent expectation, and see how they speak to you. You may be surprised.
Try beginning your search at the farmers’ market and meeting your local farmers, who may not have the infrastructure or the high profile just yet, but who are so often are doing some of the finest work.


Idris Elba to Receive BAFTA Special Award
The ‘Luther’ star will receive the honor for “creative contribution to television” at the upcoming BAFTA TV Awards ceremony, taking place as a closed studio show on July 31.
“It’s a great privilege to be honored with the BAFTA Special Award,” said Elba. “It’s been a mission of mine to provide opportunity and access to emerging talent from diverse backgrounds in this industry, which is the same opportunity I received many years ago from open minded and diversity conscious casting. I thank BAFTA for recognizing myself and others who are dedicated to the same cause, as these are all necessary steps towards helping to shift the awareness and understanding of the diversity gap in entertainment.”


MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Her Groundbreaking Move to Prime Time: ‘I Feel the Burden to Do It Right’
“I have my own experiences that are just unique in the world,” Reid says of her approach. “I think that the show will be different because of that. And the things that I focus on and the things that I care about include a lot of things that are about the community I come from.

“We are going to be the first show out of D.C. for the night,” she continues. “We’re setting that stage of being able to directly question our elected officials pouring out of the capitol, to say people want answers to what democratic responsibilities change in this country. We’re going to be there with that urgency to say, ‘This is what people are demanding. What are you doing to change it?’”


A Glimpse Inside the Workshops of the World’s Finest Panama Hat Makers
Creamy as silk, costlier by weight than gold, the color of fine old ivory, a Montecristi superfino Panama hat is as much a work of art as it is of fashion. The finest specimens have more than 4,000 weaves per square inch, a weave so fine it takes a jeweler’s loupe to count the rows. And every single one of those weaves is done by hand. No loom is used — only dexterous fingers, sharp eyes and Zen-like concentration.


Out of Portland tear gas, an apparition emerges, capturing the imagination of protesters
An iconic image has emerged on Twitter since early Saturday morning in Portland, when a woman wearing nothing but a mask and cap strode toward federal agents as they fired tear gas at protesters — a surreal image of human vulnerability in the face of an overpowering force.





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