The Daily T LOunge for July 20, 2020

Posted on July 20, 2020

Dandolo Bar and Lounge, Venice, Italy

WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP! Why? Because there’s nothing like waking up and having cocktails, areweright? Let’s be irresponsible today! Does this setting not call for a complete and total abrogation of all cares and woes? Insert a pleasant and beautiful waitstaff in the above pictures and then insert yourself in any of the seats. There. Your oasis for the day has been established. The Prosecco’s on us.

Today is MONDAY. Hence the call for irresponsibility.

With our newly stated (in our most recent podcast, putting it out there in the universe, no take-backsies) commitment to imposing a bit more structure on our days after facing facts and realizing that normalcy is both overrated and a long way off, we spent the weekend painting our bedroom and tackling that groty corner by the washer and dryer that miraculously sprouted a junk pile seemingly all on its own. Also: new lampshades are being ordered because as Tom intoned seriously to Lorenzo, “It’s time.” So we’re over here doing some freshening up to our ongoing hunkering down. We’ll almost certainly get bored with the effort sooner rather than later, but by then, we’ll probably be crafting or knitting or some other thing to distract us.

And speaking of distractions, have you seen today’s artisanally curated selection?


Alicia Silverstone on the Legacy of Clueless, 25 Years Later
Twenty-five years after Clueless dropped into theaters on July 19 amidst a summer dominated by Bad Boys and Batman Forever, its grip on pop culture has only tightened. Still a permanent presence on cable and streaming services, the 1995 classic never truly left the cultural consciousness or the day-to-day lives of its fervent cult following that continues to grow with every generational cycle. Written and directed by Amy Heckerling, Clueless continues to resonate because there’s so much happening beneath its trim, 97-minute surface for anyone to admire. It’s a glossy teen comedy, biting high school satire, deeply satisfying rom-com, and subversive literary adaptation all at once.


The 11 Things We Know About Princess Beatrice’s Wedding
On Friday, Royal watchers got an unexpected treat: Princess Beatrice, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, was married in a small private ceremony on the grounds of Windsor Castle. Beatrice and the groom, property developer, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, were supposed to be married in a more elaborate ceremony on May 29 before COVID-19 prevented any such gatherings from taking place, and the wedding — originally planned to take place at the Chapel Royal in London, with a reception to follow in the Buckingham Palace gardens — was postponed indefinitely. So it was a bit of a surprise when it was announced on Friday that the couple was now husband and wife.


The Life and Times of 1990s Superstar Vladimir McCrary
Vladimir McCrary is unmissable. It’s not just his looks that command attention—the model/artist/entrepreneur is 6’ 7”, bald, and tattooed—but his spirit of independence. “I can never be what somebody else wants me to be, I’m going to be me,” he says on a call from Paris.
Sci-fi fans might recognize McCrary from his cameo in The Fifth Element; music mavens, from Madonna’s Bedtime Stories video; but for fashion peeps, this Texan is best known for his work with Jean Paul Gaultier and Thierry Mugler. A 1990s star, McCrary recently returned to the catwalk for the French iconoclast designer Marine Serre. And with some exciting projects in development, we might see more of him soon.


Creating Clueless’s Iconic Wardrobe
The most memorable character in Clueless is the costume design. It’s everywhere, driving the plot, setting up some of the best lines, and one of the reasons the movie is so indelible that the 25th anniversary of its release (which is Sunday!) is cause for celebration.
The Alaïa Dress – “The script didn’t say [that line “this is an Alaïa”] at first. We weren’t in a position to get an Alaïa dress. I saw this dress on someone, and took it to Amy for the Christmas party. The search began to try to locate it and get it for free because we didn’t have the money to buy it for one scene. Just trying to get the Alaïa dress was a process.


Tracy Reese On How The Fashion Industry Can Become Truly Anti-Racist
“We have walked down this road of sameness for so long, and it’s boring.”
In the past, when Reese tried to address these issues directly, she was often met with apathy. “When you’re the only person in the room who is experiencing it and talking about it, you get a lot of blank stares from white faces,” she says. “People would look at you like it was crazy. Like you were crazy. ‘I’m not a racist, and no racism is occurring in this establishment.’ You were just an angry Black woman.”


Planned Parenthood’s Alexis McGill Johnson Is Sometimes Weary, Never Wary
“The movement is dynamic, and it is changing. Thinking about how an organization like ours centers the experiences of the patients who Planned Parenthood serves is actually one of the ways in which it forces you to stay current. It forces you to stay relevant. I think there is some assumption that movements happen, we pass legislation, we change ideas and then that’s settled, and we don’t have to go back and do the work again. What we’ve seen, in the retraction of so many of the rights that we fought for, is that every movement has got to be made relevant to the next generation. It forces us to build that muscle to figure out how we’re going to connect and how we’re going to ensure that people understand what’s at stake before it gets taken away.”


47 of the Most Incredible Royal Weddings From Around the World
From British Princes to Bhutanese Kings, here’s how royalty says “I do.”
From deposed princes to reigning kings, each royal family has its own distinct customs and traditions all of which are teeming with grandeur. Below, you’ll find the best royal weddings from around the world.


Building Accessibility Into America, Literally
Thirty years on, the Americans With Disabilities Act has reshaped the way designers and the public have come to think about equity, civil rights and American architecture. But it’s only a start.




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