The Daily T LOunge for July 13, 2020

Posted on July 13, 2020

Poka Lola Cocktail Bar, Denver, USA


Wake up, darlings! Time for MORNING COCKTAILS! Greet the sun with a drink in your hand and a song in your heart! Throw the curtains open wide!

Haha. Just kidding. Today is MONDAY. Why would we put that sort of pressure on you?

Take a seat, grab a drink, and figure out how you’re getting through the day before you. We’ll give you the time and space. Why, we’ll even give you a list of articles, essays and various other distractions in case you’d rather spend the day procrastinating rather than planning. We’re not here to judge! Go with what feels good right now! The world’s a flaming shitbasket and you need to do you first, areweright? So, sit down and tell us how you’re planning (or not planning) your day.


James Jones Is Bringing Indigenous Style and Dancing to TikTok
James Jones, a 34-year-old Indigenous creator from Edmonton, Alberta. He’s known on TikTok for hoop dancing, which captures your attention mid-scroll. Hoop dancing is an Indigenous healing dance, where each hoop represents honoring the circle of life; it is often performed at powwows and other cultural events. A video of him differentiating the style from hula hooping has been viewed over 5 million times. He has also done popular dance videos set to trending songs of the moment, such as this hoop dance set to the “Laxed (Siren Beat)” tune you’ve been hearing everywhere.


Shakespeare on the Radio? Behind the Public Theater’s New Adaptation of Richard II
In an inspired adaptation to the times, Shakespeare in the Park becomes Shakespare on the Radio, as the Public Theater and WNYC team up for a serialized production of Richard II. Originally intended to appear at the Delacorte Theater in May (with As You Like It following in mid-summer), the history play will be broadcast nightly at 8:00pm from July 13 to 16, with André Holland as the embattled King Richard II, The Chi’s Miriam A. Hyman as Bolingbroke, and Phylicia Rashad as the grieving Duchess of Gloucester. After its premiere, the work will exist online as a podcast.


This Hashtag Unlocked $15 Billion of Lost Wages Due to Cancelled Orders From Gap, Levi’s, and Other BrandsThis Hashtag Unlocked $15 Billion of Lost Wages Due to Cancelled Orders From Gap, Levi’s, and Other Brands
On March 30th, advocacy nonprofit organization Remake stepped up to help mitigate the crisis. Founder Ayesha Barenblat and her team created a simple hashtag: #PayUp. The idea was to expose the brands that cancelled their orders and never paid for them, thereby leaving a trail of financial devastation for the workers themselves. The #PayUp social media campaign is anchored by a petition calling for the brands to pay the garment workers what they’re owed.


Padma Lakshmi and the Art of South Indian Cooking
In ‘Taste the Nation,’ Lakshmi spotlights immigrants and their foods—like the rasams and dosas she and I grew up with.
In the 10-part Hulu series, Lakshmi travels the country shining a spotlight on the foods and immigrant communities that so-called “American” cuisine is built on. In Charleston, she explores the culture of the Gullah Geechee people, who influenced Southern dining, and in Arizona, she investigates the origins of fry bread that is steeped in the history of indigenous tribes, like the Apache; she eats Persian kabobs in Los Angeles and samples chop suey in San Francisco. And in one episode, “Don’t Mind If I Dosa,” she opens up her own kitchen to highlight Indian food, particularly the dishes her mother and grandmother taught her to cook and the ones she hopes to pass on to her own 10-year-old daughter, Krishna.


The Most Iconic Swimsuits of All Time
If a Museum of Swimwear existed, these suits would belong in it.
Every girl can have a swimwear moment if she’s got a patient friend and some good lighting, but if you want something longer-lasting than an Instagram photo, you’re gonna need a full crew and a culture-defining moment. Here, 30 suits that did just that to become the most memorable and iconic of all time. If a Museum of Swimwear existed, these pieces would belong there.


Hamilton: The True Story Of Angelica Schuyler
But, really: Was she ever truly ‘Satisfied’?
One of the most pivotal and heartbreaking songs in Hamilton, the revolutionary Broadway hit newly-released on Disney+, is “Satisfied.” It’s a stirring, sensual, sorrowful ode to an attraction that can never be fulfilled between Angelica Schuyler and her future brother-in-law Alexander Hamilton. But what was the truth about the relationship between the penniless immigrant “flying by the seat of his pants” and the New York socialite?


Behold Vermont, From Above
These aerial images — stunning in their abstraction — evoke a powerful sense of transcendence and tranquility.
I have worked as a freelance photographer for more than twenty years, traveling Vermont’s back roads, making portraits and capturing the state’s iconic landscapes. Perspective — alongside light, color and timing — is a fundamental building block of photography, and I’m always looking for new ways to alter mine. Until a few years ago, I hired airplanes — and hoped for good weather and a helpful pilot — to climb skyward and create aerial pictures. Nowadays I use a drone.

Mrs. America and the Lonely Victory of Phyllis Schlafly
Directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck talk about the anti-feminist’s campaign against the ERA—and the day Cate Blanchett suggested the song “Little Weaver Bird” for the finale.
As Emmy nominations approach, Vanity Fair’s HWD team is once again diving deep into how some of this season’s greatest scenes and characters came together. You can read more of these close looks here.
There’s a sense of dread permeating the push for equality in Hulu’s Mrs. America. Despite the disco-dazzling 1970s setting and fearlessness of the women leading the charge for the Equal Rights Amendment, anyone aware of the actual history knows the effort will not succeed. Today, four decades later, the ERA is still awaiting passage.




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