The Daily T LOunge for June 2, 2020

Posted on June 02, 2020

Vesper Bar, Las Vegas, USA


LOSE YOURSELF IN THE ELEGANZA, DARLINGS! Stay there forever if you want to. We wouldn’t blame you. The seats are comfy, the bar is huge, and the lighting is flattering. We bet the bathrooms are glamorous as hell too. We, for our parts, will continue our attempts at frivolous distraction. It is our life’s calling, kittens.

Today is TUESDAY. Yes, it is.

Please take breaks from the river of crap flowing just outside your door. It’s not good to wallow in crap for too long. And if you’re on social media today, please consider elevating the voices of Black writers and commenters. Now why don’t you dig into the daily specials on our Menu of Distractions? It’s fortified with vitamins and minerals!


25 Old Hollywood Beauty Secrets That Are Too Good Not to Use
If you think today’s stars go to great lengths in the name of beauty, I have news for you: It’s nothing compared to what the screen sirens of yore did for vanity’s sake.
From DIY techniques that you can easily add to your routine to some more drastic approaches that we wouldn’t necessarily recommend today, we’ve uncovered the super-sneaky beauty secrets from Hollywood’s Golden Age and given them a modern adjustment. Ahead, the best old Hollywood beauty secrets to try for yourself.


Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust Has Made a Statement on Black Lives Matter
“We all have the power to effect positive change.”
Young people are vital voices in the fight against injustice and racism around the world. As a global community of young leaders we stand together in pursuit of fairness and a better way forward. Silence is not an option.


“Racism Is A Global Issue”: Edward Enninful On The Importance Of Cultivating An Anti-Racist Agenda
I am lucky to have enormous privilege in my world, but as a man of colour, and as a gay man, I could not escape the sense that it doesn’t matter what you’ve achieved, or what you’ve contributed to society, your life can still feel worthless. When I step out of my door in the morning, to take a walk or to wander alone, I am always aware of increased personal danger because of the colour of my skin.


Tracee Ellis Ross’s Pop Star Portrayal in The High Note Is a Role She Waited Years to Play
Ross’s new film debunks the myth that female artists of a certain age are past their prime.
“I have been very purposeful about the roles that speak to me, that allow me to continue to expand how we as Black women are seen, to represent different kinds of women. Yes, there is a thread,” admits Ross. “I love sharing women that are purposeful and choice-ful, because most women I know are. Most women I know wake up every day trying to do the best they can. And so, even though Grace has her flaws, Bow has her flaws, Joan had her flaws, I like to share that sort of thread of humanity between all of them, where their vulnerability is present and their lives are filled with who they are.”


Queen Victoria’s Sponge Cake Recipe Is Surprisingly Simple
Be sure to eat a slice with your afternoon tea, as the Queen did every afternoon!
It’s always a treat when the Buckingham Palace chefs share a recipe—even more so when the recipe in question has a special royal story behind it. The latest such unveiling, a how-to for the aptly-named Victoria Sponge, has just that: a special tie to Queen Victoria, who, per the Windsors’ Instagram, used to enjoy a slice of sponge cake every day with her afternoon tea.


Bringing the Outside Inside Your Home
The urge to introduce nature into décor goes beyond living walls — and pandemics.


How to Use Zoom Like a Theater or Film Professional
Tips for putting your best face forward, if only for an office staff meeting.




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