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Posted on June 19, 2020

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Darlings, it’s FRIDAY and in celebration of that and in honor of Juneteenth, we invite you to get SWANKY. Settle into a banquette or pull up a plush ottoman and order anything you want from the menu. It’s all free! And also imaginary, but still. It’s the thought that counts and not the total lack of effort. We have some lovely little bits and pieces of content for you today and – typical of every Friday for us – we’re running way behind on all of them. While you’re waiting for us to unveil our latest brilliance, feel free to talk amongst yourselves or select from today’s menu of distractions.


Drag Legend Lady Bunny on Miniskirts, Politics, and Finding Humor in Lockdown
Where RuPaul Charles has reached international ubiquity thanks in part to his quotable platitudes about self-love, as well as his knack for translating the world of drag into something more digestible for the mainstream, Lady Bunny has taken an alternative route. Her no-bullshit politics and subversive humor wouldn’t cut the mustard on national television, but for many drag purists, it represents the heart of what drag is all about. Consequently, Bunny’s D.I.Y. attitude to drag is now underappreciated by an international fanbase that—largely as a result of the runaway success of RuPaul’s Drag Race—expects their queens to be polished, glossy, and ready to serve a runway-worthy look (or death drop) on cue.


Life After Lockdown: Who Will Be in Your ‘Trust Circle’?
“It’s a trust game,” says Alex Chantecaille, who is vice president of sales at Chantecaille Beauté and has been self-isolating in East Hampton for the past few months. “I need to do my best to ensure my friends feel secure. Is there a possibility of getting sick from the fish market? Maybe yes, but hopefully I washed my hands and used hand-sanitizer really well afterwards. I’m careful and I feel that’s how my friends are behaving as well. You open up that group very conservatively. You need to make sure you can trust them. It’s a reiteration of what friendship is.”


Is This the New Dawn of Meghan Markle?
When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their decision to step back from royal life on January 8, they did so with this message: “After many months of reflection and internal discussion, we have chosen to make a transition this year in starting to carve out a progressive new role within this institution.” While “within this institution” was wishful thinking—a week later, Buckingham Palace stated the couple no longer represented the monarchy—a progressive new role, it seems, was not. In fact, if the Immaculate Heart Speech was any indication, the world is about to see the new dawn of Meghan Markle.


The Kelly Initiative Is a Fashion Industry Call to Action Against Systemic Racism
Titled the Kelly Initiative, the petition calls on the CFDA to conduct an industry census and make public its findings on the racial makeup of the employees of its member organizations. Companies that participate would then be tasked with conducting bias-mitigation training for hiring managers and pledge to create equity for Black talent. Similarly, the letter asks recruitment firms to sign the pledge and participate in a third-party audit.


The Fashion Significance of Juneteenth
Sometimes called Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, Juneteenth is a holiday that commemorates when news of the end of slavery reached the far corners of the former Confederacy. It is celebrated to this day as a way to unite community, and like most celebratory gatherings of Black folks, a big part of it revolves around clothing. But Juneteenth fashion isn’t just about style for style’s sake. It is a response to the fact that the enslaved couldn’t use clothing to express themselves. Juneteenth itself is a way to reclaim and express social and political freedom, and the clothing people wear continues to be a part of that.


Buy Into the Effortless Ease of Caftans
Wherever your destination this summer, the caftan will be the most uncomplicated of choices.
the dog days of summer are near. Longer stretches of scorching-hot rays and humidity that make dressing, quite frankly, unbearable are on the way, so you better get your closet ready. As there is only a handful of garments that work in these conditions, the caftan (or “kaftan”) is the unbeatable number one option.


How Hollywood Turned Into a Ghost Town
No hugging, no power-dining, and not a red carpet in sight. As the Tower Bar reopens after a three-month hiatus, V.F. examines what happens when an industry built on seeing and being seen goes into quarantine.
Cynics say that nothing lasts in Hollywood—starlets fade, studio heads survive until they don’t. But the dining has been pretty reliable, at least in type, of which there are two: those longtime institutions or hotel dining rooms always happy to remind you that Frank Sinatra, Joan Collins, or Arnold Schwarzenegger have eaten there; and the low-lit den or rooftop restaurants, often with monosyllabic names, that smell of freshly dried paint and offer airline-quality American cooking with optional truffle fries while a dozen paparazzi lie in wait for a Kardashian. But now Hollywood, a community immune to harsh realities like freezing winters and picking up your own dry cleaning, is in suspended animation, just like everywhere else.


Miss Juneteenth Isn’t Your Average Pageant Movie
Director Channing Godfrey Peoples on her new film’s exploration of Black women’s strength, mother-daughter bonds, and always being sure to find the joy amid pain.
“I would love people to get that sense in the mother daughter bond. It was important for me to tell a story about this Black woman who has a dream deferred and wants something for herself, even though she doesn’t know what that is yet. It’s about a Black woman, with her hopes and dreams for her child to have a better life, and I feel like that is where we are in this country right now. Black people’s freedom to even breathe is in question right now, and that has to change. Not just for us in this moment, but for our children.”


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