The Daily T LOunge for June 18, 2020

Posted on June 18, 2020

Deep Dive Bar, Seattle, USA

If you feel like shutting out the world, then today’s Lounge should be just the ticket for you: dark, comfy, with atmosphere out the wazoo, full of dark, mysterious corners and blessedly free of windows. A lounge for the introverts! Also: a birthday lounge for Tom! We don’t normally announce our birthdays on here, but we figure it wouldn’t hurt to ask kittens for a very specific gift this year. Yes, we’re sneaky bitches. We’re also trying to sell a book in the middle of the worst health and economic crisis in a century, so a bitch’ll do what a bitch has got to do. Send one to a friend! Donate one to an LGBTQ center! Help a couple queens out over here!

Okay, with the begging out of the way, we’re off to eat Birthday Waffles, which will be later followed by Birthday Waldorf Chicken Salad, Birthday Ordering Out From Our Favorite Restaurant and Birthday Cake – this recipe (which really is the best chocolate cake ever, so long as you use the coconut oil option )+ a peanut butter buttercream. We got some EATIN’ to do today! But don’t worry, we should also have a couple more posts to entertain you. In the mean time and in-between time, please consider the daily specials on today’s Menu of Distractions.


Kristen Stewart Is Your New Princess Diana
The actor will play the leading royal lady in a new film by Pablo Larraín, Spencer. The biopic addresses a specific, and tumultuous, time frame for the House of Windsor: when Diana decided she wanted a divorce from her husband, Prince Charles, and therefore would never be queen consort. The entire plot occurs over a few days and at one location—the royal compound of Sandringham.


Mae West Ruled Fashion in 1933
While it seems easy to dismiss West as being simply over the top—especially after having been schooled in all things camp in the lead up to last year’s Costume Institute exhibition and gala—her influence on fashion cannot be dismissed. In 1937 Elsa Schiaparelli launched her fragrance Shocking in a bottle in the shape of West’s famously curvy silhouette. Schiaparelli pal Salvador Dalí was also a huge fan of the actor.


The Racism We Never Discussed
If Asian American families like mine can’t contextualize our pain within America’s racist history, then we can’t be the best allies.
My brother and I, like many people our age, became keenly aware of the racism we encountered only as we entered adulthood and left our small hometown behind. As kids, we didn’t see an “us” group in our predominantly white and Latinx school. We didn’t see our desire to be perceived as “more white” in order to fit in as internalized racism. Because our parents never talked to us about race, they never told us that white is not “better.” My brother and I never spoke of our shared insecurity — or that he had secretly envied me for looking “less Asian” — because we both believed that somehow, if we tried harder, we could just change ourselves a little bit, and then fit in. We believed that all of the insecurity we felt for existing in our own skin was something we made up in our heads “because racism doesn’t exist anymore.”


Dolly Parton Partners With Drag Star Nina West for Limited Edition Collection
The country legend and the ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ superstar have teamed for a ‘Kindness Is Queen’ capsule collection featuring three items, with proceeds supporting their respective foundations.


How to Support Black Creatives and Entrepreneurs Through Airbnb
All you have to do is download Zoom.
Airbnb launched Project Lighthouse, an initiative to uncover, measure, and overcome discrimination when booking or hosting on their site. Airbnb says, “Since 2016, we’ve removed 1.3M people from Airbnb for declining to treat others without judgment or bias. But discrimination still happens, so we’re introducing some new ways to fight it.”


How to Grow Change Through Black-Led Agriculture, According to Leah Penniman
The roots of Black food injustice run deep. Here, the co-founder of Soul Fire Farm explores that painful history, and how supporting Black-run sustainable agriculture initiatives can further real change.
Leah Penniman is the co-founder, co-director, and farm manager of Soul Fire Farm, the author of Farming While Black, and a 20-year veteran in the struggle to build equitable food systems for Black and brown people. She spoke with Food & Wine’s Adina Steiman—while standing in the farm’s carrot patch—on why Black-owned farms have become so rare, why food deserts are actually food apartheid, and how sustainable farming can deliver social justice.


Mourning the Letters That Will No Longer Be Written, and Remembering the Great Ones That Were
A book critic laments the decline in proper correspondence, and recalls the great letters of Ralph Ellison, Jean Rhys, Samuel Beckett and others.




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