The Daily T LOunge for June 15, 2020

Posted on June 15, 2020

Balthazar Champagne Bar, Copenhagen, Denmark

It’s MONDAY, kittens! And we don’t know about you guys, but right now, Mondays call for CHAMPAGNE! Oh, why not. Don’t be so provincial. Fine. We’ll wait until a more respectable hour. Besides, we’ve got a couple of chunky posts in the pipeline for today so we need to stay focused until they’re done. But after THAT, we can’t say. It occurs to us that we don’t know your life so if YOU want to start the week of with a Bellini, we are in no position to judge (for once).

And how are you all doing at the mo? We spent a sunny, lovely weekend dodging other people when we went out for walks and then we drop in on a book club via Zoom to discuss all things Legendary Children, which was great fun because we’ll take just about any opportunity to discuss our beautiful rainbow baby.

GOD we miss red carpets. You have no idea. It is truly the weirdest feeling to write about something practically every day for a decade and then just stop – abruptly and involuntarily. Anyway, at least we have our daily distractions, right? Take a look and let your stunningly beautiful and charismatic waitperson answer any questions you may have.


Michael Kors Says “Goodbye for Now” to New York Fashion Week
The designer announced today that he has opted out of New York Fashion Week, scheduled this year for the week of September 14, in favor of a spring 2021 presentation in the mid-October to mid-November time frame. “I have for a long time thought that the fashion calendar needs to change,” Kors said in a statement. “It’s exciting for me to see the open dialogue within the fashion community about the calendar—from Giorgio Armani to Dries Van Noten to Gucci to YSL to major retailers around the globe—about ways in which we can slow down the process and improve the way we work. We’ve all had time to reflect and analyze things, and I think many agree that it’s time for a new approach for a new era.”


Starbucks Is Addressing the Black Lives Matter Movement—By Designing a T-Shirt
Starbucks is currently on target to becoming a $28.2 billion company this year. With that sizable amount of wealth comes serious power and influence, and yet—when it comes to the Black Lives Matter movement that has been amplified by protests across the nation, demanding justice for Black Americans who have been victims of racism and police brutality—the coffee chain conglomerate has struggled to find its footing.


Meet 12-Year-Old Crochet Genius Jonah Larson
It’s transfixing to watch Jonah Larson crochet. The 12 year old loops yarn at lightning speed, often while he is talking or doing another task. His creations vary from simple to difficult: on the easier end is a nubby olive green beanie which he can make in 30 minutes flat, but his more challenging creations include a flower afghan that he created at the age of 7 and out of 800 flowers stitched together.


Beyoncé Demands Justice for Breonna Taylor In a Powerful Letter
“With every death of a Black person at the hands of police, there are two real tragedies: the death itself, and the inaction and delays that follow it.”
Beyoncé penned a powerful letter demanding justice for the police killing of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor. The letter, addressed to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, was posted in full to the singer’s website.


Barbra Streisand Gifts Disney Stock to George Floyd’s Daughter
Gianna Floyd on Saturday shared a post on Instagram in which she thanked the actress-singer for her gift. The accompanying photos showed her along with a letter and certificate she had received from Streisand, though it’s unclear how many shares were involved. As of market close Friday, shares were valued at $115.49 each.


Holland Taylor on ‘Ann,’ Working With Ryan Murphy and Coming Out: “I’ve Not Hidden My Life”
The actress — who is gearing up for the June 19 PBS premiere of her one-woman show ‘Ann,’ about former Texas Gov. Ann Richards — is in a relationship with Sarah Paulson.


Will The Protests Change Instagram for Good? Maybe. Probably Not.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a social media platform transformed so drastically as Instagram was in the days following the first demonstrations protesting the death of George Floyd. My feed went from a tidy stream of charred sourdough boules and half-completed puzzles to an explosion of text. Friends from college, fashion brands, and celebrities alike started sharing links to bail funds, articles, and petitions; raw expressions of anger, grief, and regret; twee, illustrated guides to allyship; or vague promises that although they will never understand, they stand. That, or they stopped posting entirely.






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