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Posted on June 12, 2020

Dear Irving on Hudson, New York, USA



Sorry, but we felt like we needed to lead with the biggest news of the day. Also, today’s Lounge is fabulous, but that’s no surprise. Lorenzo’s got an eye, you see. Two of them, even.

Today’s lockdown topic: People are being weird and we hate that we’re being made to feel like the oddballs for still doing the whole social distancing thing. We can see this is going to be an issue for us all through the summer, because as much as we want to, we just don’t see a world of barbecues and baseball games happening for us this year. Walks in the sun, yes. Gatherings with food and drink? Workouts at the gym? Having people over? BRUNCH, FOR GOD’S SAKE?? Still not on the menu for us. We’re not trying to be alarmist or depressing about it, and we realize that folks need to make their own choices, but there is a long-ass summer ahead of us and we can’t pretend that it’s going to look anything like previous ones. Believe us, we want to see our friends and family and we’re absolutely DYING to go to a nice restaurant, but we’re just not there yet and like we said, we hate that things have reached a point where we feel like we have to defend being cautious.

But it’s FRIDAYFRIDAYFRIDAY!!!! Let’s focus on that. We’ve come out of our spring funk and are back to working out every day (in a limited fashion, of course). Despite the National three-month Eat Your Feelings holiday, all our clothes from last summer fit. Mostly. Now if we could just stop baking something every three days …

But enough about us and all our bullshit. This place is all about YOU and YOUR bullshit! Spew, darlings. And between spew-fests, feel free to check out our menu of distractions for today.


She Does, He Doesn’t: The Gender Divide in Mask-Wearing
For those living with preexisting conditions, this can be even harder. “My husband refused to wear one even though I am chronically ill and at risk—the only reason he would give is that he didn’t want to,” a woman in Indiana who asked to remain anonymous told me. “I was seriously considering divorce just because of how selfish that is. I have gone from feeling hurt and betrayed to angry and now I’m just irritated. At the end of the day I love him but I do feel stupid when we go to the store and I have a mask on and he doesn’t.”


Signing These Petitions Can Help Reopen the Cases of Slain Black People
Add your signature and demand justice.
The worldwide protests calling for justice for Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Brianna Hill, and Tony McDade and reaffirming that Black lives matter have already made a lasting impact on society. Already, the protests, social media posts, petitions, and countless donations have lead to the arrest of all four officers involved in Floyd’s murder, an FBI investigation into Taylor’s case, plans to defund the Minneapolis police, and a plan to pass Breonna’s Law, which would limit no-knock warrants. But the fight for justice doesn’t stop here, and many on social media are calling to reopen the cases of Black people who were senselessly killed and deserve justice.


12 Movies by Black Female Directors That Are Essential Viewing
We got the movies. You bring the popcorn.
Hollywood is known for its uncanny ability to greenlight a lot of projects helmed by white cis men. Enter this list, which features a dozen must-watch films brought to us by unbelievably talented Black female directors. These movies are Oscar-nominated, tear-jerking, sometimes laugh-out-loud stories told through the female gaze in a way that will make the inner film buff in you soar. So sit back, pop some popcorn, and get ready to discover your next favorite movie (or ten). And if you’re looking for more women-directed movies to check out afterwards, we also put together a list of the most exciting films coming out in 2020 that boast female directors.


Queen Elizabeth Reveals Her Favorite Horses
Plus, why she only rides ponies now.
The Queen’s lifelong passion for horses is well known, with some of the most iconic images of her reign showing her on horseback or cheering for racehorses from the royal box. And now, the British monarch is revealing some of her favorite horses from throughout her almost seven decades as sovereign.

In a new special royal edition of Horse & Hound magazine out on June 11, Queen Elizabeth shares the names of eight horses that her family has loved riding over the years as well as five racehorses they’ve loved watching. The piece also features rare insights from the Queen’s head groom Terry Pendry and her racing manager John Warren.


Jimmy Fallon Is Sorry. But What Does That Mean?
The “Tonight Show” host was forced to publicly reckon with a blackface clip from his past and his own role in systemic racism. But will it lead to a true change, or was it just lip service?


What Does It Mean to Tear Down a Statue?
We asked an art historian who studies the destruction of cultural heritage.


André Leon Talley Critiques Anna Wintour’s Apology to Vogue Staffers: ‘Name What Your Mistakes Were’
The famed fashion journalist addressed Wintour’s response to the discriminatory culture at Vogue calling out the editor-in-chief for her “entitled” attitude.
“The statement came out of a world of white privilege. I want to say one thing: Dame Anna Wintour is a colonial broad,” Talley told Bernhard. “She’s a colonial Dame…she’s part of an environment of colonialism. She is entitled and I do not think she will ever let anything get in the way of her white privilege.”


Queen Elizabeth II’s Evolution From Princess to the Longest-Reigning British Monarch
Even before her ascension to the throne, all eyes were on Princess Elizabeth, who would, of course, become Queen Elizabeth II — the longest-reigning British monarch. Here, see her life in photos, from her birth in 1926 to her marriage to Prince Philip in 1947, her coronation in 1953, the births of her children (and grandchildren and great-grandchildren!) her Diamond Jubilee — her most regal moments in the public eye, including meeting her grandson, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s Archie on May 9, 2019!



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