The Daily T LOunge for June 1, 2020

Posted on June 01, 2020

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Ooof, kittens. It’s a rough start to the week, that’s for sure. We’re all tired and stressed, disheartened and angry, scared and anxious after days of rioting and protests across the country. We see no reason to pretend to be chipper this morning. Despite our stated mission and promise to keep you entertained and distracted during stressful times, it would feel wrong if we slapped on a smile and pretended the world outside our windows didn’t exist. We’re not here to lecture or even contextualize the events of the last few days (except to note their clear connections to events we now consider worthy of celebration). We’re just here to acknowledge them, to tell you we see and hear what’s happening around us, to let you know that we’re fine in our neck of the woods, and to give you a space to calm yourselves and yes, even distract yourselves. Knowing that distraction is a privilege, it’s still worth your time and your mental health to take breaks from the news and from headier, more serious topics.

Luvyameanit. Let’s keep our heads and fix our hearts today. There’s not much out there right now to distract you, but we’ve got a few specials on the menu for today.


13 Books You Should Read About Black Lives

“Our superpower, I was told since I was a child, was perseverance, the ability to survive no matter how much they took from us. I never understood how surviving was our collective superpower when white folk made sure so many of us didn’t survive. And those of us who did survive practiced bending so much that breaking seemed inevitable.”

Stan Culture is Due a Reckoning. So Are The Celebrities They Worship.

Fandoms are fierce, dedicated, and organized. Their loyalty works two different ways. Modern fandoms are unparalleled in the arts of signal boosting on social media, racking up record sales and video views, and staging gestures of appreciation for their favorites. Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé’s “Savage” remix reached No. 1 this week in part because of strategic streaming parties scheduled throughout the days following the song’s release by Beyhive accounts like BeyLegion on Twitter. Showers of adulation from thousands of loving admirers can go to an artist’s head if they’re not careful. They can get a little too cozy, and they can get themselves in a lot of trouble.



Surviving It All She’s 92, made it through the Holocaust, and set off for a cruise around the world in February.

In those late-February days in Auckland, stymied by authorities working at cross-purposes, unable to exert control over her situation, Marga experienced a bad bout of PTSD. She knew rationally that she wasn’t a prisoner, that she was free to come and go from the hotel in which she’d been housed between ER visits, but the feeling of being trapped in a country she wasn’t permitted to leave was chillingly familiar.


Drag Race Winner Jaida Essence Hall Gets a Hometown Parade:


















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