The Daily T LOunge for May 27, 2020

Posted on May 27, 2020

Nautilus Bar, Jakarta, Indonesia


Darlings, even though this week is the longest work week on the American calendar (or just seems that way), you have already made it to WEDNESDAY! It’s true! You deserve a drink and some nosh! Pick a fabulous seat with great lighting and get down to the business of relaxing. It’s more important now than ever, even though many of us barely leave the house anymore. Turns out? Staying home is kind of stressful and exhausting. Who knew? EVERY HOUSEWIFE IN THE 1960s. That’s who.

Look at us! Getting all Betty Friedan on your asses!

For real, though: Doesn’t it seem like our inner clocks have simply stopped working? Days either drag or they fly by, sleep schedules feel like hilariously quaint ideas and suddenly naps are a thing that happens unexpectedly. This thought is being expressed on pretty much no sleep, so take the insomniac with a grain of salt.

In other, more interesting news, we have a whole bunch of distractions for you today! Check out our daily specials:


The Fascinating Story Behind Princess Margaret’s Most Iconic Tiara
You know the picture: Princess Margaret, lying in a bathtub, wearing nothing but a tiara perched upon her head. Taken by her husband, famed photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, the photo was only released to the public in 2006, four years after Margaret’s death. Equal parts coquettish and cheeky, it cemented the princess’s status as the royal family’s forever wild child. (“Disobedience is my joy,” she once said about herself.) Eleven years later, the portrait was removed from public view. But the image remained ingrained in minds everywhere—so much so that The Crown included a scene about it in season three.


The Ascension of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: How the Twins Went from Full House to Fashion Royalty
By offering nothing of themselves, the twins built a devoted and protective fan base—and a fashion brand that thrives in the rarified world of extreme luxury.


Disney+’s New Releases Coming in June
Take a look at the movies and TV shows that will be added to the streaming service next month.


J.K. Rowling Introduces The Ickabog
The idea for The Ickabog came to me while I was still writing Harry Potter. I wrote most of a first draft in fits and starts between Potter books, intending to publish it after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
I’ll be posting a chapter (or two, or three) every weekday between 26th May and 10th July on The Ickabog website. We plan to publish some translations soon and will post further details on that website when they’re available.


MoMA’s Home Movie Exhibition Gives Us a Reason to Back Up Our Phones
“Today, people shoot everything, but they’re no better at preserving those memories than their grandparents were.” Though our photos and videos seem to live forever online, historians fear that the quick turnover of social media platforms in the digital age will in fact produce fewer artifacts for future generations to decipher. With each ignored notification to back up our devices, photos and recordings settle deeper among infinite layers of digital detritus. “Will the content that people are making today be available in 50 years if nobody takes steps to preserve it?” Magliozzi said with a shrug of his shoulders.


Mad Men Is a Show That’s Built to Last
Your complete guide to watching (or rewatching) the Matthew Weiner series.
I have a long history with Mad Men. I wrote episode reviews for Vulture and The New Republic. I published longer essays about the series in the print edition of New York Magazine, and stand-alone pieces in other venues. Throughout season seven, I went on radio programs and podcasts to talk about the show. Given all this, when I decided to publish a book about the show, Mad Men Carousel — and then, years later, during the 2020 pandemic, started writing about the series yet again — my friends would ask, “Haven’t you had enough?” The answer is no. Because Mad Men is built to last.


Step Chickens and the Rise of TikTok ‘Cults’
Fandoms are forming around a new kind of influencer: the charismatic cult leader.


Is Kate Middleton Really “Exhausted and Trapped” After Meghan and Harry’s Royal Exit?
In a cover story for Tatler magazine, some royal insiders claim that Kate is “furious” about her increased workload—and share details about an alleged fight over pantyhose at Meghan and Harry’s wedding.





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