The Daily T LOunge for May 26, 2020

Posted on May 26, 2020

Himitsu Bar and Lounge, Atlanta, USA


Kittens, welcome back from your long weekend in bondage! To celebrate a return to the work week (if not normalcy), we’re offering you a dark, comfy lounge where you can pick up a stranger, use them at your whim, and then drop them for good before the sun comes up. Try it! It’s good for the skin.

Today is TUESDAY. Really.

In our corner of the world, Miss Daisy has a little cold and her tiny cat sneezes punctuated our night’s sleep. She’s currently relaxing on a heating pad, acting like she deserves such comfort. Which she does. Aside from that – and a couple of deadlines on the horizon – we have no T Lo news to report. Like everyone else, we’re just plugging away, trying to do our best in this weird reality. How’s your plugging going? If you need a break from said plugging, feel free to devote some time today to perusing our Menu of Distractions:


At 50, Naomi Campbell Remains at the Pinnacle of Supermodel Style
No one does fashion like Naomi Campbell. The supermodel, who turns 50 today, can pull off just about anything. Designers have long counted on Campbell to bring their creations to life, her inimitable sashay adding a special touch to countless collections. Her walk is legendary, but Campbell’s influence extends beyond the runway. The British supermodel has cultivated a personal look that is instantly recognizable at each premiere, gala, or get-together she deigns to attend.


Will Coronavirus Change the Future of the Royal Family?
One of the Queen’s most famous quotes is “I have to be seen to be believed,” but it’s unlikely she meant via Zoom.
So it feels somewhat strange to be writing about the British royals at a time when we have no idea when we will next see them surrounded by a crowd. The royal calendar has been ripped up and family members are now most often seen on video calls. Where once they shook hands and made speeches to packed rooms, now they sit alone looking into laptops.


How to Remove Every Type of Stain From a White Shirt
From red wine to tomato sauce, here are some tricks to try.
If you purposely avoid wearing white out of fear for dropping food or spilling your drink on the fabric, you’re not alone. We get it: there aren’t many laundry dilemmas nearly as frustrating as trying to scrub a red pasta sauce or wine stain out of a crisp white shirt. The absolute worst case scenario? The stain can’t be tamed, and you have to make a replacement purchase. But don’t be so quick to grab your wallet.


Hulu’s New Releases Coming in June 2020
Take a look at the movies and TV shows that will be added to the streaming service next month.


Tulip Harvesting in the Cotswolds With Lily Atherton Hanbury
Tulips are a surprisingly delicate flower. They have to be picked early in the morning while they are still crisp, before the sun opens them up too much, otherwise they’ll fall apart. But what happens when flowers that were otherwise destined for parties, art fairs, galleries or shops have nowhere to go? You round up your neighbors (at a safe distance) at the crack of dawn for a harvest, and then drive them to your favorite grocer.


How Baseball Players Became Celebrities
Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth, idols of the Golden Age of sports, brought stardom to America’s pastime.





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