The Daily T LOunge for May 22, 2020

Posted on May 22, 2020

Alice & Fifth Bar and Restaurant, Johannesburg, South Africa


Today’s lounge looks like the most luxurious bunker in the world and for … reasons… that tends to appeal to us right now. Belly up to the gorgeous marble bar and put everything on our tab, kittens.

Today is FRIDAY. And if you’re an American kitten, it’s the kickoff to a three-day holiday weekend – although what that may mean in the current environment is anyone’s guess. This is normally the time of year when our neighborhood is awash in school field trip and tourist buses – and we have to admit, we miss them way more than we might have predicted. To be fair, we’ve always been proud of our neighb’s historic importance (we’re not far from the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross House, and Independence Hall, among other patriotic landmarks) and always tried to put on a friendly face to anyone asking for directions or blocking the sidewalk while pointing at things. We won’t deny that having thousands of tourists stream down your street for five months of every year can occasionally get tiresome, but we’d give anything to hear the clip-clop of a horse-and-carriage or the sound of a tour guide leading everyone in a round of “You’re a Grand Old Flag” (yes, that’s a thing they do on certain open-air buses, which is why we know all the words to the song).

So what are your plans, United States of Kittens? Also, please enjoy today’s distractions:


The ‘80s Are Back: 60 Fashion Moments to Relive From the Decade
Shoulder pads, power suits, and beyond.
The 1980s were a decade of bold style, colors, and silhouettes— and heaping amounts of permed hair. With trends spanning from ripped tights and biker jackets to polished oversized blazers and poof skirts, and style icons ranging from Joan Jett to Joan Collins, it was one of the most eclectic decades in fashion. And like it or not, the ’80s are back in full force. From shoulder pads to power suits and all that’s in-between, some of the era’s key looks are making a comeback in fashion. Get inspired by taking a look back at some of the most memorable and defining style moments of the decade.


10 Designers From Pratt Institute’s Class of 2020 Share Their Work—And Their Thoughts on Change
None of the usual appointments to review students’ graduation collections could take place this year. Seeing their work is always a highlight of the spring for me; they’re so full of hope, to say nothing of the fact that they’re often exploring issues that are only discussions in the wider industry. These are the creatives who will be leading fashion into the future.


Actress Debby Ryan and Twenty One Pilots’ Joshua Dun Planned Their Whirlwind Austin Wedding in Just 28 Days
Actress Debby Ryan and Twenty One Pilots’ drummer Joshua Dun were engaged for a year before they planned their New Year’s Eve wedding in just 28 days. “We began to flirt with the idea of having a destination party celebrating the new decade, then decided in December to get married [in Austin] on New Year’s Eve, and just keep dancing until after the ball dropped,” Debby explains. It all happened quickly and clandestinely, but when Twenty One Pilots dropped a new, surprise music video called “Level of Concern” in April, fans began to suspect the two had officially tied the knot, as Joshua is wearing a ring throughout the homemade portions of the clip.


Aya Brown’s Portraits of Essential Workers Give Thanks Through Art
“My grandmother and my mother have always expressed how important it is to care for others and to simply notice the people around you,” Brown said. “I’ve thought about how these images should exist in the world and I’ve come to the realization that I just want them to be shared.” Her hope is a simple one: “I want them to bring joy to those who are directly referenced in my work. I want to be able to support my community, to support those in need, and to support those who inspire me.”


Believe It Or Not, There is An Overarching Face Mask Trend
In most cities, cloth face masks have become as commonplace as white T-shirts, and it hasn’t taken long for brands to infuse their creativity into face mask designs. Many designers dreamt up innovative iterations that boast oversized bows, intricate beading, or even 3D knit tongues.

With new inventive takes bubbling up each day, face mask trends, like matching sets have emerged, not without strings attached. Fashion statements that are leveraged on the public health crisis can seem insensitive or tone deaf. But, it’s not surprising that the fashion industry has decided to make something you wear beautiful—it is what fashion does. The reality is that we’ll be wearing face masks for the foreseeable future, and like any other wardrobe essential, some people will gravitate towards one that’s aesthetically pleasing.


Princess Charlene of Monaco​ Has the Sexiest Wardrobe of All the Royals
She loves to show off her shoulders.
While Charlene’s life has changed over the years (she’s now a mother to twins, in addition to being, you know, a princess), her style has remained consistently elegant and sexy. She favors shoulder-baring dresses, body-hugging gowns, and maintains an edgy-princess vibe with her blonde pixie cut. And not once in the seven years since she’s been a princess has Charlene worn a bad outfit. Now, that’s impressive. Ahead, see all her incredible looks thus far.


What Does the Future of Celebrity Styling Look Like?
This new normal will likely stick around for some time; while many states are reopening, stay-at-home orders and social distancing practices still remain in place for major cities like Los Angeles and New York City. The big question then is: What will the future of red carpet styling look like? Will there even be red carpets in 2020? I asked a few stylists to share their predictions for the rest of the year, going into awards season.


Revisit Ms. Magazine’s Most Iconic Covers
Looking back, it’s hard to believe that Ms. magazine’s first blaring statement—“We Have Had Abortions,” signed by 53 women—appeared inside its pages; it’s exactly the type of provocation that the title has emblazoned across the covers of every issue since. Then again, the year was 1972. Women needed a man’s signature to get a credit card. The phrase “sexual harassment” didn’t exist. And for the rare woman who did manage to make it professionally, it was perfectly ordinary for her male superior to simply credit her “great legs.” The latter scenario could happen to even the most accomplished—even, as the FX series Mrs. America reminds us, to Gloria Steinem.




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