The Daily T LOunge for May 21, 2020

Posted on May 21, 2020

Mariel Bar and Restaurant, Boston, USA


The lighting is warm, the seating is plentiful and everything on the menu is rich and delicious but also magically completely healthy and low in fat and calories! Also, everything is free! And everyone on the wait staff is gorgeous! So it is every day in the T LOunge – a sort of Willy Wonka factory, except with alcohol.

Today is THURSDAY, darlings. Give yourself an “Attagirl.”

Two things we’re missing very much this week: red carpets and bodegas. The former for obvious reasons, since it’s our bread and butter, so to speak. And also because we miss glamour. We don’t care if that sounds shallow. Yes, there are more important things to consider, but don’t discount the power of sparkle, kittens! As for bodegas, when you spend your entire adult life running in and out of them to pick up one little thing here and there, it’s hard to let go of that convenience and immediacy. We used to joke that the one on our corner was essentially our pantry. With the acknowledgement that, for most of us the answer will change from day to day or week to week, what are the things your missing most right now?

And while you ponder that – or if you don’t feel like going there at all – by all means, take a wander through the daily specials:


75 Years Ago, Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart Got Married on the Most Famous Farm in America
On May 21, 1945, one of the greatest celebrity weddings of all time took place not in a castle in Europe or a ballroom in Hollywood but on an experimental farm in rural Ohio. The marriage of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart came as a breath of fresh air during a tense, hopeful moment in American history. The Allied victory in Europe was just two weeks old. A rationed, exhausted nation was then digging in for a final confrontation with Japan while looking forward to a time when normal life would resume again.


20 Years On, In the Mood for Love Remains the Ultimate Fashion Romance
Wong Kar Wai’s romantic masterpiece, In the Mood for Love, begins with a pronouncement. “It is a restless moment” reads the title cards that flashes before the main characters are introduced. The film, which premiered 20 years ago today at the Cannes Film Festival, could be summed up with those words, though its costumes do an excellent job of telling the story, too. In Kar Wai’s world, mise-en-scene conveys as much information as dialogue and character’s clothing choices reveal sides of their personality they never express verbally. The quiet longing of Tony Leung’s journalist Chow Mo-Wan wouldn’t be the same without his buttoned-up wardrobe of suits and floral ties. Likewise, the sensuality of Maggie Cheung’s otherwise reserved secretary Su Li-zhen aka Mrs. Chan would not be as evident sans those immaculate Cheongsam dresses and bold red trench.


Cher’s Most Iconic Fashion Moments Over the Last 6 Decades
Happy 74th Birthday to the Goddess of Pop!
From her early days on Sonny and Cher to her wildest, boundary-breaking Bob Mackie looks, Cher has always been a style icon in a league of her own. As the living legend turns 74 years old today, we’re turning back time to some of her best fashion moments spanning over her six-decade-long career.


How Catherine the Great Used Her Magnificent Jewels to Project Power
She used her extraordinary collection of jewelry to cement her authority as an enlightened despot.
Empress Catherine the Great of Russia has been the subject of several recent television series, including ‘The Great,’ a new show on Hulu starring Elle Fanning as the young monarch. Last year, when Helen Mirren played the iconic Queen on HBO, we published this story about her jewelry.


Zack Snyder Unveils New ‘Man of Steel’ Secrets
The filmmaker grabbed headlines by announcing a new ‘Justice League’ cut, but he also shared plenty of stories from the movie that started it all.
Not all secrets are as easy to keep as Clark Kent’s true identity. Still, that doesn’t make the reveal any less rewarding. This morning director Zack Snyder hosted a watch party and live commentary of ‘Man of Steel’ (2013) on the social media app Vero, followed by a fan Q&A. In the same format as his ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ (2016) commentary in March, Snyder shared behind the scenes stories, storyboards, and Easter eggs. All of this served as the lead up to an unprecedented announcement, with special guest, the man in blue himself, Henry Cavill. There will certainly be much to talk about in the coming months, but for now the ‘Man of Steel’ commentary provides an opportunity to go back to where the DC film universe first began.


How Betsey Johnson Built a Fashion Empire and Lost Her Name
In 1964, Betsey Johnson was a twenty-two-year-old magazine editor, working in the fabrics department of Mademoiselle. She had landed at the magazine by winning its summer scholarship contest, a program that placed promising young ladies in “guest editor” roles while housing them at the Barbizon, an all-female boarding house on East 63rd Street. (Past alumna of the program included Sylvia Plath and Joan Didion.) Though most guest editors spent just one season at the magazine, Johnson had stayed on to fill a spot vacated by a woman on maternity leave. With a full-time job, she decided that it was time to leave the strict environment of the Barbizon, where pants were forbidden and some residents had a designated chaperone. She moved to another all-women’s hotel, but was soon kicked out for smoking in her room. So she found a fifth-floor walkup underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, and, to make rent, began supplementing her magazine income by designing women’s tops.




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