Julianne Hough Covers June Issue of Women’s Health Magazine

Posted on May 18, 2020

Julianne Hough covers the June issue of Women’s Health magazine photographed by Brian Bowen Smith.



On her personal energy practice going viral after at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland earlier this year: “Trust me, I got all the comments.” (She says good-naturedly, before stating that he was simply removing “stuck” energy from her spine). “Everything that’s energy moves in a wave,” (She says, by way of explaining her reaction, which basically looked like she was doing the worm).

On having no fear in exploring alternative practices, no matter what sort of comments she might receive on Instagram: “I’m a deep-ass person. There is no right or wrong in my viewpoint. It is based on what works well for you. If those modalities feel strange to people, it may not be for them—or it may not be for them yet—and I’m okay with that. I believe in helping people trust what’s already within them.”

On husband Brooks Laich, who was off-camera watching Julianne perform her KINRGY workout in a livestream earlier this March: “He said, ‘Wow, I got emotional just watching.’ Brooks was feeling my energy; he was feeling the collective energy of all the people watching.”

On being outspoken about a transformation she went through a few years ago in which she “started unplugging from the societal beliefs and cultural beliefs and religious beliefs that I grew up in” – including a more fluid understanding of her own sexuality: “I believe in soul love, whatever that looks like. I kind of don’t believe in labels. It doesn’t mean that I won’t have a baby, etc. It just means that I’ve unplugged from what I feel like I should be doing versus what I actually want to be doing.”

On freezing her eggs in anticipation of potentially needing to undergo IVF as a result of her endometriosis: “I think the healthier I am from the inside out—as far as my beliefs, my energy, what I’m putting into my body—the better prepared I’ll be when the time comes. We never actually tried to get pregnant. It was more of a precautionary measure: Let’s do our due diligence for the future by freezing eggs.”

On how according to Julianne, even her endo is affected by energy: “I will tell you, through this transformation of really connecting back to my truth, I haven’t had symptoms of endometriosis because of the love and kindness I’m giving to my body. I believe there’s stress, shame, guilt, and suppression of female energy that’s associated with endometriosis, so de-layering that has really helped.”

On navigating this unfamiliar situation we are living in: “I’m putting effort into what the table looks like. So that there’s love in it. I’ve been praying before every meal; thanking the grocery store workers.”

On virtual streams of her workout method, KINRGY: “It’s a blessing to be able to offer [via Internet] what people need most in this world right now, which is to feel certainty that they’re going to be okay, and that they have the power to release all that stress and anxiety and fear.”

On what inspired her to create the movement: “I believe we’re all dancers. We were much more self-expressed when we were kids. I’m trying to help people reconnect back to that inner child…The whole mission is to help people connect to their most authentic self.”

On being part of Oprah’s 2020 Vision Tour in January – the “greatest honor and gift”: “I mean, it’s Oprah freakin’ Winfrey. Even though there were sometimes 20,000 people, it still felt intimate and like we were connecting with every person.”

On how the concept of energy has changed her perspective on wellness: “Everything is made up of energy. If you think about the universe, only 4.6 percent of it is matter. So really, we’re all just made up of energy, and if we’re not focusing on our energetic health, we’re missing most of what this universe is. If we don’t move our body to [release] a mental connection, we can never transform the experience we’re holding on to.”



[Photo Credit: Brian Bowen Smith/Women’s Health Magazine]

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