“Black Widow” Star Rachel Weisz for British Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

Posted on May 08, 2020

“Black Widow” star Rachel Weisz covers the June 2020 issue of British Harper’s Bazaar magazine photographed by Pamela Hanson and styled by Miranda Almond.



On the new breed of superhero movies, distinctly more interesting, nuanced and female-focused than their predecessors: “When I watched Wonder Woman, I completely identified with the character, more than I would do with a male action figure,” says Weisz. “There’s a little tomboy brunette, and she’s grown up and now she’s saving the world!” She is similarly enthusiastic about Brie Larson’s performance in last year’s Captain Marvel. “I just loved seeing a woman under duress, dealing with all the stuff the world threw at her and being fairly tough, but also funny and vulnerable – it made it very interesting to me to see a woman take on foes like that. She really has got incredible superpowers, she can definitely fly, right? Seeing a woman fly! As I watched it, I was her.”

Being the parent of a young daughter, Weisz is particularly committed to addressing issues of on-screen representation: “The Eighties and Nineties were really shit for women,” she opines. “But I used to watch a lot of black and white movies with my mum –Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Katharine Hepburn, they were very powerful in the narratives. Bette Davis didn’t have super-powers but she’s powerful as hell. “I do think it’s important for girls growing up to see stories where women are front and centre, and to see a female politician, or a female prime minister. It’s about identification, it’s seeing possibilities. We need more stories about women. We need more role models!”


The June issue of Harper’s Bazaar is out now.


[Photo Credit: Pamela Hanson/British Harper’s Bazaar Magazine]

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