The Daily T LOunge for April 30, 2020

Posted on April 30, 2020

Cabaret Bar, Restaurant and Lounge, Barcelona, Spain


Darlings, we’re feeling all old-timey Hollywood this morning, probably because we watched our screeners of Ryan Murphy’s new jawn, Hollywood, which drops tomorrow on Netflix. We’ll have a review tomorrow (and it ain’t good), but for today, we just want to pretend we’re at a naughty party at George Cukor’s house, just waiting for the USC football team to show up as we sit in our dinner jackets, sipping cocktails.

Around these parts, we still find it difficult to get out for fresh air. To give you some idea of the density, we went out for a ten-minute, ’round-the-block walk yesterday evening and passed by/had to dodge at least 100 people in that time, only half of whom were wearing masks. It was stressful. For now, the only sunlight we’re getting is from the safety of our roof and the only fresh-air walks we’ll be undertaking will probably be after the sun goes down and the streets outside quiet down a bit.  We realize we’re not exactly expressing an original new thought here, but dear GOD, we can’t wait for this all to be over.

HOWEVS, we are committed (or should be committed) to our roles in this time, which is to be one tiny little dancing, juggling distraction a stressed-out world needs at this time. And in that vein, please check out our carefully curated time-wasters for today:

See the Costume Institute’s New (Though Postponed) Show “About Time”
The exhibition shows how fashion has changed in the last 150 years, how it’s stayed the same—and where it’s headed next.


A Three-Step Guide to Trimming Curly Hair at Home
With salons closed, hair maintenance has become an at-home activity, whether the task is a root touch-up or trim. Even for those who have committed to a quarantine grow-out, split end care is still worth consideration: There comes a time when those split ends lead to damage, especially in curlier and coarser hair types that are more prone to breakage already.


What Do Famous People’s Bookshelves Reveal?
In quarantine, people are inadvertently exposing their reading habits — embarrassing, surprising and impressive.
Bibliophiles do not approach bookshelves lightly. A stranger’s collection is to us a window to their soul. We peruse with judgment, sometimes admiration and occasionally repulsion (Ayn Rand?!). With celebrities now frequently speaking on television in front of their home libraries, a voyeuristic pleasure presents itself: Are they actually really like us?


Their Met Gala, Their Way. You’re Invited.
A group of internet kids are about to hold the biggest fashion party of the year.
Guests will “arrive” by posting their looks — collages or photographs or other visual creations embedded in a specially-designed layout — on Twitter with the hashtag #HFMetGala2020. Almost 900 people have signed up to “attend.”


44 Celebrity Yearbook Photos of Your Favorite Stars Before They Were Famous
From triple threat Jennifer Lopez’s 1987 portrait, taken during her time at Preston High School in the Bronx, to Tom Cruise’s dapper senior picture, shot at Glen Ridge High School in 1980, we love these stars’ throwback looks. Even better? The snap of Beyoncé as a freshman in 1996—her side part is peak high school. Click through our gallery to see the hilarious photos of your favorite stars before they became famous. Some of them are almost unrecognizable—and some haven’t changed one bit.


HBO’s New Releases Coming in May 2020
Take a look at the movies and TV shows that will be added to the premium outlet next month.


Tracey Ullman’s Fight for ‘Mrs. America’: “I Was the Last Person Cast”
The actress tells The Hollywood Reporter about her struggle to land the part of feminist icon Betty Friedan in the star-studded FX on Hulu miniseries.
Tracey Ullman had to fight for her role as Betty Friedan in the FX on Hulu limited series Mrs. America, about the movement for (and subsequent backlash against) the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s. Sporting the feminist icon’s gray-streaked hair and straightforward speech patterns, Ullman, as in so many other roles, physically embodies the feminist icon.




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