The Daily T LOunge for April 27, 2020

Posted on April 27, 2020

Blacktail Bar, NY, NY


Darlings, our calendars, clocks and phones are all telling us it’s Monday morning, so let’s just go with that. We see no need to question it other than our complete unmooring from time and space. And on that note, how are we all doing this fine(?) morn(?)? This past weekend would appear to be The One Where We Hit The Wall. It’s no surprise in retrospect, considering we’re entering week eight of the great Hunkering Down. We had a leg up on this thing as a work-from-home couple of 15 years’ experience, and that experience kept us productive, but now we’re entering the sluggish zone, where ideas fail to take root and coffee has no power.

Ahhh, we’re just rambling. It was a lazy-ass weekend where we did nothing. We’ll snap out of it as soon as the weather stops being so cold and wet.

Today’s bar is lovely and inviting and colorful. The seating doesn’t look as comfy as we’d like, but it’s got tons of atmosphere and the drinks are free. Please take a moment to consider our daily specials on the Menu of Distractions:



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How are we all doing?

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