The Daily T LOunge for April 15, 2020

Posted on April 15, 2020

Deep Dive, Seattle, WA


Let’s all meet up in a moody lounge with a mysterious vibe and dramatic lighting, darlings! Let’s play “spy” today while we sip our cocktails! We’ll slip you the “microfiche” under your seat, all casual-like.

Life in *all this* continues, darlings. We’re keeping busy doing things like spending hours on the phone trying to cancel our gym memberships and then also hours on the phone trying to get our tax situation (which is always very complicated – don’t do drugs and don’t go into blogging as a career, kids) squared away.

If we’re being perfectly, a hundred percent candid about it, we are still trying to deal with the disappointment of our cancelled book tour, even though we know our “hardship” doesn’t even compare with so many other folks’ problems. We console ourselves with the fact that our reviews were a dream come true, even as we try not to think too hard about the fact that practically every bookstore in the world closed its doors a week after the book release. Ah, well.

In more immediately pleasing news:


And speaking of pleasurable thoughts, please check today’s specials on our Menu of Daily Distractions:


Rockefeller Center’s Art Deco Marvel: A Virtual Tour

When the complex opened in the 1930s, some mocked it. Now it’s a symbol of New York’s glory. Our critic chats with the historian Daniel Okrent.


7 Podcasts for Stir-Crazy Kids

If you’re searching for alternatives to TV and computer games for children stuck at home, these shows will entertain — and even educate.
Though episodic radio may not seem like an obvious choice for children’s entertainment, there’s a vast back catalog of podcasts designed specifically for a younger audience, focusing on everything from history to science to mindfulness. These seven shows will keep kids laughing, learning and thinking, and might teach adults a thing or two along the way.


Reese Witherspoon’s Fashion Line Offered Free Dresses to Teachers. They Didn’t Mean Every Teacher

The problem was, Draper James, a company that is only five years old and has fewer than 30 employees, had only 250 dresses, in six different styles, to give away. There are more than 3 million public schoolteachers in the United States, and a large majority of them are women.


How I’m Living Now: Patti LuPone, ‘Company’ Star

At home with her family in Connecticut, the performer, who appears in the Stephen Sondheim musical and Netflix’s upcoming series ‘Hollywood,’ opens up about Broadway’s future, nature’s impact and her famous basement tours: “I’m an entertainer; that’s what I am.”


‘Mrs. America’: A Guide to Who’s Who in the Star-Studded FX on Hulu Limited Series

A guide to the star-studded cast of the FX on Hulu drama and the real-life women they’re playing in the series, which follows the movements for and against the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s.



Keep your eyes peeled for the first of our Mrs. America reviews tomorrow, kittens!

And how are you all doing today?





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