The Daily T LOunge for April 14, 2020

Posted on April 14, 2020

Buha|i|rest, Budapest, Hungary

Darlings, for today’s scheduled escape from reality, let’s all meet up in a cool, calming, slightly weird bar to get our virtual drank on today. We, four our parts, will be spending the next few hours hitting refresh on no less than THREE separate grocery orders, in a race to see which one of them can get an assigned delivery slot sometime before the presidential election. We live in weird times.

And on that note, please take a moment to see the Daily Specials on our Menu of Distractions:


Traveling by Ear: 13 Podcasts for Wandering Souls

Close your eyes and be transported to Mexico, Italy, Montana and beyond. All you have to do is listen.
For most travelers nowadays, home is the only destination. Yet thanks to some imaginative podcasts, you can still explore the world. The following were selected because rather than focus on such things as miles and points, they’re transportive — rife with the sounds of cities and wilderness, conversations with creative thinkers, and ways to change your life through adventure and language learning.


Vogue Global Conversations

The four days of conversations will be held on Zoom and will feature discussions between Vogue editors, designers, and fashion-industry executives. It will span a wide range of topics affecting the fashion industry, from the impact self-isolation has on creativity and design, to the future of brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce.


‘Mrs. America’ Costume Designer Breaks Down Phyllis Schlafly’s and Gloria Steinem’s 1970s Outfits

On Wednesday, an FX series will bring out the bellbottom pants, aviator glasses and polyester power suits. It isn’t just a retro runway — the throwback is for Mrs. America on Hulu. The show follows the women’s liberation movement during the 1970s, notably its biggest opposition: conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly.


How Romanov Emeralds Ended Up With American Princess Barbara Hutton

Her jewels, however, had gotten out even before she did. In an operation worthy of a thriller, a British officer snuck into the Vladimir Palace dressed as a worker (though one version states it was as an old woman) and stashed all the hidden jewels in his bags (in the old-woman version, some were sewn into a bonnet).

How are we all doing today?




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