The Daily T LOunge for April 13, 2020

Posted on April 13, 2020

Atrium Bar, Firenze, Italy


Another Monday morning has arrived and frankly, we’re not here for it, darlings. Oh, we’re “here” in the physical sense, but we’re really not here, you know? Instead, let’s all go to there. And by “there,” we mean this morning’s fabulous lounge, where the drinks are eternally free and the seating eternally comfy.

Anyway, the struggle is real. And by that we mean, the daily task of keeping one’s chin up and one’s tits out. As things feel like they’re getting more dire, remember to reach out to the people around you to see how they’re doing. Little secret: Doing so helps you as much as it may potentially help them.

In other non-news, we have a lovely Menu of Daily Distractions to help you get your day started and/or give you someplace to go and something to do when you need a five-minute break from woes and worry.


How to Make the Most of Touring Colleges Virtually

Right now, in an alternate universe, high school students are traveling the country looking at prospective colleges. In any ordinary year, juniors would be touring schools over spring break and seniors would be preparing for admitted students weekends. Even admissions officers would be flying around the nation, attending college fairs and speaking to high schoolers unable to travel.


Bill Cunningham’s Easter Parade

What would Bill Cunningham, the man who transformed street style photography (before it was even known by that name) into social anthropology, have made of the currently empty grid of New York, its echoing avenues walked only by the occasional pedestrian venturing out from home, maintaining a careful six feet of distance between themselves and anyone else?


Missing an Ingredient? Here’s What You Can Use Instead

Don’t worry: You probably have something in your kitchen that will work. It might even improve the recipe.
The most important skill in the kitchen — and, arguably, life — is adaptability. The list below, which is by no means comprehensive, is meant to help you replace ingredients with confidence. Every alternative listed may not work in every case, especially when it comes to baking, but if you consider the ingredient’s texture, flavor and cook time, and make decisions according to taste, you’ll greatly expand your options — and you may even end up with a dish you like better than the original.


Rebel Without the Clothes

In the past 20 years, mass culture hasn’t established new countercultural icons to embody feelings people otherwise can’t express. Law-abiding people still sometimes claim a symbolic connection with Bonnie and Clyde, whether it’s Serge Gainsbourg, Beyonce and Jay-Z, or anyone else who isn’t a bank-robber but wants a little of their lawless bad-boy and bad-girl allure without actually claiming that banks ought to be robbed, but the new criminals we admire are usually admirable because they have done something worthy rather than because they symbolize something inexpressible like Bonnie and Clyde or a celebrity gangster. Someone might un-symbolically admire Chelsea Manning or Reality Winner for their civil disobedience, but that’s not the way most people have admired Bonnie and Clyde for the way they symbolize insouciant rebellion. They feel countercultural without actually having done any literal civil disobedience that would affect the culture.


So how are you getting by, kitten?


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