Pop Style Opinionfest: Selfish Celebs and Stylish Reality TV

Posted on April 03, 2020

Well OF COURSE we had things to say about the latest two episodes of Making the Cut, which just dropped today.

But before we get to all of that – and we had a LOT to say about what’s working and what’s not with Tim and Heidi’s little Amazon sweatshop – we of course had to mention the ways in which we’re spending our time during lockdown (when we’re not blogging, podcasting, or begging people to buy our book, that is). Lorenzo is making masks out of naughty gay fabric. No, really:



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I wanted to make one with a filter pocket and also with straps, don’t have elastic and didn’t feel like ordering/buying it. Watched a bunch of videos, found this one to be most helpful L https://youtu.be/lIKJe03ecos #Masks

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And Tom of course cooked and baked his way through the week, with all of the recipes dropped cleverly into this sentence.

ALSO! We took some time to yell at A-List celebrities for going on pap walks in the middle of a pandemic! J Lo, Ben, what the fuck are you guys doing?

ALSO-ALSO! We have pictures of the winning looks from the two episodes of Making The Cut, but because we don’t want to spoil it for folks, you have to click on the links we cleverly dropped into this sentence. We’ll put them in the post after a couple of days have passed and y’all had time to watch.

ALSO-ALSO-ALSO: You may notice that the player format and intro music has changed for this episode:


That’s because it’s the dawn of a new day for the PSO, which you can subscribe to by going to our fabulous new podcast page (give it up for Lorenzo, who worked his ass off this week) or by clicking the little arrow in the upper right of the player above.



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