The Daily T LOunge for March 31, 2020

Posted on March 31, 2020

Prohibition, Vancouver, Canada


Good morning, kittens! Or evening. We don’t know your lives or when you’re coming to join us, but we wish you a good whatever-it-is as we celebrate day 7,916 of lockdown. We made it, you guys.

Or perhaps it just feels that way! In which case, we really should be getting on with our jobs of keeping you distracted and entertained for short bits of time. The good news for you is that we not only have multiple diversions planned for you today, but we also have our Daily Menu of Time-Wasters for you to peruse while we prepare your daily meal of distractions.


The Palace of Versailles Virtual Exhibitions

Fashion at Versailles: “For her”
Fashion at Versailles continues to inspire notable contemporary designers. Decrypting its symbolic trends which emerged in the 1780s, around the iconic figure of Marie-Antoinette.
Fashion at Versailles: “For him”
Being well dressed at Court was not that easy for the gentlemen. “Frac”, “justeaucorps”, waistcoat or coat, were the main fashion trends that appeared in the 1780s. Shapes were simplified in favour of a more slenderer silhouette, but who were the trendsetters of the 18th century?

16 Of Vogue’s Favourite Glamorous On-Screen Sleepwear Moments

Most of us are likely donning pyjamas a little more regularly at the moment, but are you taking notes? These on-screen beauties have had their fair share of sleepwear showstoppers, from Audrey Hepburn sporting an oversized shirt in Breakfast at Tiffany’s; Gene Kelly’s jolly striped set in An American in Paris and Elizabeth Taylor’s stunning slip dress in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, Hollywood proves that pyjamas are the ultimate glamorous get-up. Vogue picks 17 standout on-screen nightwear moments.


Museum World’s King of Memes Brings Humor to Lockdown

Mr. Koszary probably never expected to be a social media guru. He studied ancient history at college and briefly tried teaching. In 2013, he accepted an administrative and curatorial job at the tiny Museum of English Rural Life in Reading, about 40 miles west of London.

An Oral History of a Socially Distanced Wedding

Wilson: As soon as they texted us to let us know they were on their way, Steph and I got into position. I lit a couple candles that I still have from when I proposed to my wife. I lit some sage and started playing music. As they were coming down the street, we were waving bubbles. We have an event entertainment company, so we have closets full of props and costumes and bubbles. We made sure to wave the bubble wands because the last thing you want to do is blow bubbles during a pandemic, because then each little bubble is a bomb of potential virus.


So. How’s it all going for you? Have you rediscovered arts & crafts? Baking? Re-arranging all of your furniture over and over again? Just what are the kittens doing to muddle through?


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