The Daily T LOunge for March 30, 2020

Posted on March 30, 2020

Blaue Bar, Vienna


Welcome back to another fabulous week of virtual hugs and actual distancing, darlings! We figured that you guys all needed a shot of GRANDIOSITY to get your collective motor running, so today’s lounge is LUXE AF. When your server comes to take your order, throw your head back in laughter and shout “LET THEM EAT CAKE” in order to feel the full effect. It’s all about denial and fantasy round these parts, so let’s take our cues from Marie Antoinette today, oui?

Before we get to delighting and enticing you with today’s Menu of Frivolities & Time-Wasters, may we direct your attention to the most frivolous waste of all? If you head on over to The Stacks on Instagram some time before late afternoon eastern today, you’ll catch our Instagram Live appearance and our big beardy heads happily chatting about Legendary Children. There’s even an extra-special appearance by Tab Hunter! The cat, not the movie star.

Now, onto more important matters:

The top 7 virtual tours: see the world without having to leave the house

Explore the Vatican, the palace of Versailles or the Louvre from the comfort of your sofa


Zoom Etiquette From Emily Post’s Very Chill Great-Great-Granddaughter

When you are in the Emily Post family … you have a lot of Etiquette books. My computer is stacked up on like four Etiquette books right now to get to the right height. You also want to think about where you are in the frame. I do think it is nice to be somewhat the same distance between your screen and you or between the camera and you as the person that you’re speaking with. It makes you feel like you’re a little in the same zone. If I [backs chair away from desk] … Now I feel like you’re looking in on me. But if I’m [shoves face into camera] … Nobody needs to see my pores that close.


For Shut-In Pilgrims, the World’s Holiest Sites Are a Click Away

The pandemic has closed holy sites across the globe, but virtual reality is providing worshipers a digital window into ceremonies during touchstone holidays.


Visit Yellowstone Virtually

You don’t have to visit Yellowstone to hear its beautiful animals, see Old Faithful erupt live and see a geyser basin.




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