The Daily T LOunge for March 25, 2020

Posted on March 25, 2020

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Kittens, the lighting is moody at today’s T LOunge because we figure all of you are as well. Or maybe that’s just us. BUT! We have a job to do here and that job is to make sure you’re well-fed with distractions and frivolousness. So pull up to the bar with your moody self and just know that we WILL all get through this. And by “this” we mean the wave of horrifying bangs, buzzcuts and Kool-Aid dye jobs about the befall the heads of America.

In the meantime, here are some things upon which to waste your time today.


Stuck at home? Take free drawing classes from famous illustrators
Most are designed for kids—but all welcome the young at heart.

Work-from-home has become the new normal for adults in the U.S. at the same time that school closures have forced millions of children inside. Parents are trying to juggle being teachers, caretakers, and coworkers while also staying sane. So illustrators have stepped up to create virtual resources and free classes for kids, parents, and anyone else who needs a creative break in the midst of the pandemic.


Dani & Jackie’s Virtual Happy Hour

Come hang out while observing social distancing. Learn how to make cocktails from industry professionals, find out which brands you should drink while you’re sequestered, get up to the minute information from doctors on the front lines, and suggestions on how to mitigate the anxiety around a global pandemic!

All while chilling at home in your virtual bar.


The Quarantine Literary and Wash Your Hands Society

The spread of the novel coronavirus may have us locked in a catch-19 situation, but we’re still booked for the end of the world! This group is for everyone coping with all this crisis and free time with a book: feel free to start your own discussions, compile reading playlists, make friends, lament loneliness or celebrate introversion whatever floats your literary boat!

There’s No Better Time to… Use the Oldest Thing In Your Pantry

If you can’t remember what’s even in your pantry, it’s probably a good idea to take it all out! Unpack everything onto sheet trays (when I do this, I stand on the counter and my partner spots me, like I’m an acrobat or something!) and then reorganize and prioritize. You might even want to break out the masking tape! The last time I did this, I wrote an inventory of each cabinet and stuck it on the inside door. (Dork alert.) But now, whenever I reach for the sugar I’m reminded that yes, we do have dried fenugreek leaves and glutinous rice and two kinds of date syrup and maybe I can cook something I’d never ordinarily make!


So what are everyone’s plans for today? How are your food stores holding up? How about your sanity? Doing any craft or home improvement projects at the moment?



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