Style File: Kristen Bell in Nanushka, Bouguessa, Proenza Schouler, and Rochas

Posted on February 24, 2020

Miss Kristen is out in the world doing the hard work of being a celebrity who wants your attention but doesn’t want to look like she’s begging for it. And while she’s always had a quirky sort of style that was a bit hard to pin down, this selection of promo tour ensembles make her look a bit like an alien trying to pass herself off as a human using only old fashion magazines for reference. The quirk, in other words, has been ramped up considerably. We can appreciate when an actress who probably gets quite a bit of pressure to sex and/or glam herself up every chance she gets, chooses instead to show up interesting and unexpected. On the other hand, some of these are testing our resolve on the matter.




Kristen Bell in Nanushka and Bouguessa at BUILD Series

This is Nana Chic. Which is fine. There’s a certain panache in showing up looking like a New York Socialite Of A Certain Age out on a shopping bender. It’s at least a bit more interesting than Ladies Who Lunch. Still, even if we can appreciate the sort of exuberant goofiness of it all (down to the teeny purse), most of these pieces come off looking pretty awful and/or badly coordinated.




Kristen Bell in Proenza Schouler at BUILD Series

The color scheme looks kind of hideous to our eyes, but this feels a little more coordinated and marginally fresher than the previous look. If nothing else, she’s got a fun shades game. Her preference for sporting one white accessory is not serving her well for either of these looks.



Kristen Bell in Rochas at “Good Morning America”

Clearly, she’s in a chartreuse mood. Again, this feels a bit more coordinated and cohesive than the previous two, and we do appreciate how, well … weird it all is, but it really does come off a little too sci-fi costume to us.




Style Credits:
First Look: Nanushka Coat | Bouguessa Top and PantsJennifer Fisher Jewelry | DeMellier ‘The Montreal’ Bag | Lapima Sunglasses | Jimmy Choo Shoes
Second Look: Proenza Schouler Coat, Top and Skirt | For Art’s Sake ‘Atomic’ Amber Sunglasses | Jennifer Fisher Hoops | DeMellier ‘Vancouver’ Bag | Villa Rouge ‘Baden’ Boots
Third Look: Rochas Ensemble | Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

Styled by Nicole Chavez | Hair by Amy Hansen | Makeup by Quinn Murphy



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