Ewan McGregor and Rory Culkin Filming Scenes for “Halston” in the Meatpacking District

Posted on February 20, 2020

Kittens, some say French is the language of love. Others say it’s the native tongue of the world of fashion. Keeping both of those thoughts in mind, please pardon our French when we say (in our best David Rose):



Once again, Ryan Murphy gives the gays everything they want:




Halston was a genius whose story was so Shakespearean in tone that we’re surprised it’s taken this long for someone to really dive into it. You can listen to our thoughts on the man, his difficult personality and his unmistakable legacy in a podcast we did last year. MacGregor is good casting, but we really hope he nails the man’s fey affectations because they were a huge part of his mystique. He was a visionary fashion designer who also worked very hard at projecting the image of what people think a visionary fashion designer is – an ourobouros of affectations and expectations that eventually swallowed him up. As we said… WE ARE FUCKING OBSESSED WITH THIS.


[Photo Credit: Jose Perez/Instarimages.com]

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