BRIT Awards 2020 Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on February 19, 2020

Yes, it’s the Brit Awards, kittens! If we sound excited it’s not so much that we’re huge fans of the Brit Awards (or recognize even half of its attendees), but we’re just happy to have one more awards show red carpet to show you! The red carpet pickins have been slim of late, as we may have mentioned one or two times. We milked things by giving spotlight posts to a few of the attendees already, but these are the rest of the folks (that we felt like highlighting), so let’s get to judging them.


Billie Eilish in Burberry

We’ve been pretty appreciative of her ability to get major fashion houses to tie themselves up in knots for the chance to dress her. And while a lot of what she’s worn is more personal statement than chic for its own sake, this is the first time we found her outfit to be truly kind of ugly.




Charli XCX in Fendi

It’s just okay. It feels like the hair and makeup are doing a lot of work to turn this basic dress into something a little edgier or darker.




FKA Twigs in Ed Marler

It’s so great that everyone’s ditching the prairie dresses and showing up on red carpets dressed like vampires, monks and witches lately. Granted, she kind of looks like some sort of Victorian vampire boy who got caught in a clothesline on his way here but the very fact of that description’s accuracy is a testament to how unique and memorable a look this is.




Lizzo in Dundas

She started off the night dressed as a candy bar so we suppose it makes some sort of thematic sense that she would end it with a Champagne flute as an accessory. The dress is fabulous.




Niall Horan in Paul Smith

Son, if you’re going to wear a velvet suit, you’ve got to commit to the damn thing. The grooming, styling and fit are not up to the job. The shoes are fusty, the pants are too high, and you need both a shave and a haircut. Harrumph.





[Photo Credit: Doug Peters/PA Images/, Ian West/PA Images/]

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