Pop Style Opinionfest: The Un-Cancelling of Dolce & Gabbana

Posted on January 31, 2020


You heard us, kittens. We have a few things to get off our perky chests about the fashion world’s collective long-term memory issues. D&G, after a string of what should have been crippling scandals, is now seemingly back in the good graces of stylists, editors and stars. We, being the opinionated sorts of bitches we are, cannot let that stand without a bit of calling out.

ALSO: On a much more fun note: BOOK TOUR DATES! We’ll have a post up soon and we’re still waiting to hear on several more potential dates and cities, but for now, we thought it best to get those dates and places out there so you can circle them on your calendars. There’s even a live podcast planned for New York, so if you ever wanted to sit in on the two of us spewing into our mics, you’ll get your chance soon.

Also: a few thoughts on The Good Place and how, despite the tear-jerky and satisfying finale, we felt the show lost a lot of its energy several seasons back.

And finally: the completely underwhelming results of the Project Runway “Sheer Genius” episode:


















Another glorious pod-pourri of topics, darlings!



Thank you for listening!



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Barbara Nitke/Bravo]

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