“Homeland” Star Claire Danes for The Hollywood Reporter

Posted on January 17, 2020

“Homeland” star Claire Danes covers the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter photographed by David Needleman.



On the show’s popularity: “Three episodes in, people were literally running out of stores, charging me with enthusiasm. I’d never experienced that before. My So-Called Life had this amazingly rich afterlife, but there wasn’t that appreciation as it was airing.:

On shooting the final season: “We were so much about reflecting what was happening, politically, in the moment. How that ages, how we perceived it and what that exposes, in 10 years’ time, will be compelling to see. I need this last season released into the world before it really ends for me, and then I’m sure I’ll surface eventually. It’s going to be a long process of seeing who I am as an actor out of this show — which has defined me for so long. I don’t know where to start, but I should play somebody decidedly sane.”


[Photo Credit: David Needleman/The Hollywood Reporter]

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