Hey Kittens! Wanna Listen to the First Chapter of “Legendary Children?”

Posted on January 14, 2020

Well okay, maybe not the ENTIRE first chapter. We’ve got to save some of the mystery for paying customers, right? But if you’ve been paying any attention to our podcast lately, you’ll know that we’ve been going on and on and ON about what an amazing experience it was for us. We simply HAD to share a sample and the fine folks at Penguin were obliging enough to provide one. Here’s the first five pages of the first chapter, entitled “In the Werk Room with Marsha and Sylvia.”





A sampling of other chapter titles, in case you were wondering:

Shady Dames in the Library

Serving Snatch to Middle America

For Every Tuck, There Must Come a Bulge



Or perhaps you’d like a sampling of some of the chapter subheads, such as…

Elizabeth Taylor, From Fruitfly Supreme to Gay Auntie!

When Cross-Dressers Collide: RuPaul vs. Milton Berle!

A Short History of the Gay Male Beauty Ideal

Sapphic Sisters of the Dime Novel Rack

Drag Your Skirts Across the Stage

The Backroom and Bathhouse Betties of Drag

So Why Did Drag Queens Start Lip-Syncing?

Are you enticed, darlings? Then you should definitely consider pre-ordering a copy of what Cosmopolitan magazine called one of the best new books of 2020, don’t you think?

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