Golden Globes 2020: The Gentlemen

Posted on January 07, 2020

Hey! Here’s another way T Lo sometimes give themselves a little breather post-awards show! BOY POSTS! Because after all, there’s not much to say about a parade of men’s formalwear, even when some of them get a little funky or bold with their choices. No, it’s better (and easier) to sit back and let you all touch yourself lightly while gazing at pretty men.

But fine. We’ll offer our thoughts, for those of you reading this in public.


Andrew Scott in Paul Smith

Button your jacket, please. We’d like this a lot more if the tie were black. Or even a dark color.




Ansel Elgort in Tom Ford

Gotta salute head-to-toe velvet. Especially when he’s pretty much pulling it off.




Barry Jenkins in Thom Browne

We were okay with the armbands, but the leg bands are a bridge too far.




Brad Pitt in Brioni

Finely aged bourbon in a tux.




Daniel Craig in Anderson & Sheppard

Finely aged scotch in a tux.




Joaquin Phoenix in Stella McCartney

A bit of a mess in a tux.




Joe Alwyn in Tom Ford

He’s got that sort of old-school posh British actor feel to him. Which is why this crisply plain formalwear look works so well on him.




Leonardo DiCaprio in Giorgio Armani

Can’t really argue with it.




Roman Griffin Davis in Mr Porter x Kingsman





Tony Shalhoub

He’s coming pretty close to pulling the double-breasted cut off, but we think we’d like this more on him with a single-breasted jacket.




Wesley Snipes in Bogard by Mike B

Old school fabulous.




[Photo Credit: JENNIFER GRAYLOCK/, Hahn Lionel/ABACA USA/]


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