InStyle’s January Cover Features “Like a Boss” Stars Tiffany Haddish, Salma Hayek, and Rose Byrne

Posted on December 10, 2019

Tiffany Haddish, Salma Hayek Pinault, and Rose Byrne grace the January covers of InStyle. Bonded by their new film “Like a Boss,” the three actresses share stories of ambition, age, and even science – as they toast to being “one for all.”



Tiffany Haddish

On turning 40: “Turning 40, I’m much more in tune with who I am. I’m a grown woman. And I have a better understanding of where I’m going.”

On why she bought a microscope with her paycheck from “Girls Trip”: “I like to look at germs. Put them in the sun…I look at all the juices. I had to move my lab to my bedroom once my grandma and brother moved into my house. And I have a section in the refrigerator with a note that says, ‘Do not touch anything in this drawer!’ There’s a lot of guys trying to date me, and I need to know if they got germs!'”



Salma Hayek Pinault

On trying to get lip injections for her role: “He put the first needle in my mouth, and I immediately said, ‘No! Forget it! I’m done!’ So instead it became, ‘How do I make it look like I have lip injections?’ And we got these huge teeth. When you saw the film, did you notice I had fake teeth?”

On embracing aging: “My mother always demonstrated the importance of aging gracefully,” she says. “I never saw her or my grandmother being afraid of getting old. And so I don’t have that fear.”


Rose Byrne

On playing Gloria Steinem in a new FX show about the Equal Rights Amendment: “It was profoundly depressing that the same things people were trying to get passed in the Senate back then, like reproductive rights, are still under fire now. It was quite shocking.”

On her professional and personal turning points in life: “Trying to do more comedic stuff was a really important thing for me. Professionally, that was a huge turning point.” “Meeting Bobby [Cannavale, her partner] and having my kids was the biggest profoundly emotional turning point in my life. It’s so hard to talk about without sounding like a cliché because it’s so much more than that.”



The January issue is on sale December 20th.

[Photo Credit: Robbie Fimmano /InStyle Magazine]

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