Through Her Lens: Tribeca Chanel Women’s Filmmaker Program Luncheon Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on November 05, 2019

Damn, we wish Chanel would give us free clothes and buy us lunch. Let’s vent our jealousy, kittens.


Eliza Scanlen

Those aren’t the easiest proportions to pull off and we find ourselves longing for a glimpse of any other color, but it’s a really cute look for her.



Glenn Close

Granny Badass. If you ask us, Miss Glenn has perhaps the best, most modern style approach among her celebrity lady contemporaries. She’ll do the Grande Dame bit like nobody’s business when the occasion calls for it, but it’s clear her real style is practical, chic, a little artsy and yes, just a bit badass. Everyone can and should define these terms for themselves, but to us, this is how you do “cool as shit” at 72.



Kaitlyn Dever

She’s been all over the style map lately, sporting quite the range of looks in public. The dress is Chanel-standard cute, but those cowboy chaps boots are kind of awful. It’s hard not to get the impression her pants are falling down.



Katie Holmes

Enh. We expect vigorous disagreement on this because it is admittedly cute in a real-world way, but it looks a bit precious to us. And everything other than the jacket – which is the nicest piece – feels like high summer.



Keke Palmer

If this was anything but a Chanel-hosted event, we’d be all “Girl, that is a LOT of label-slinging,” but Miss Keke knows how the game is played. That quilted jacket is working surprisingly well.



Marisa Tomei

Marissa got to the merch pile late, when all the good stuff had been taken. At least we’re assuming; going by a) her style history, b) this outfit and c) her expression.



Zazie Beetz

The sweater’s okay but those pants are truly awful.



Zosia Mamet

For a Chanel event, in which everyone got to wear free Chanel, this is all rather a letdown. On the other hand, for Zosia, this is all pretty great.



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All guests wore Chanel

[Photo Credit: Mike Reed/Ace Pictures/, Dara Kushner/]

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