“The Aeronauts” Star Felicity Jones for Porter Magazine

Posted on November 04, 2019

“The Aeronauts” star Felicity Jones covers the latest issue of Porter magazine photographed by Ben Weller and styled by Helen Broadfoot.




On the responsibility of portraying real women: “Well, particularly with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has changed the course of history in gender politics, I was definitely intimidated meeting her and playing her…You just have to build trust and, in those few meetings you have, somehow get their permission. It’s sort of an invisible thing, just that feeling that they know they are in safe hands and that they’re not going to be exploited in some way. But in some ways, you don’t want to think about responsibilities too much as an actress. When you are approaching a role I think you’ve got to bring a bit of anarchy to it.”



[Photo Credit: Ben Weller/Porter Magazine]

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