Style File: Céline Dion Out and About in NYC in Tom Ford and Ronald van der Kemp Couture

Posted on November 15, 2019

Tante Céline is dropping a new album, which means her usual, day-to-day eye-popping fashion parade simply isn’t going to do. Tante Céline is ramping shit up.


Céline Dion in Tom Ford

We hate the satin trend and we hate the tone-on-tone trend, but goddamn if she’s not selling the hell out of this look. She’s probably be better off keeping the jacket closed, but that’s an impressive balancing of different weights, textures and micro-differences in shade and hue. We wouldn’t recommend the average home viewer attempt red satin pants with a red turtleneck and a red velvet blazer, but Tante Céline is working some high-fashion Mrs. Claus realness here and we can’t find a reason to disapprove.



Céline Dion in Ronald van der Kemp Couture

And of course she has a high-fashion twist on the Canadian tux ready to go. All-denim outfits are dicey on even the most accomplished of wearers, but our only real complaint is with the fringe hem. The rest of it is, like the red outfit, extremely well balanced with just enough of a distinction between the pieces to give it a well-coordinated feel instead of a choking-on-denim one.



Style Credits:
First Look: Tom Ford Velvet Tailored Jacket, Satin Pleated Pants and Shoes from the Fall 2019 Collection | The Row Bag
Second Look: Ronald van der Kemp Denim Ensemble from the Spring 2019 Couture Collection | Wandler Mini Luna Zebra Print Bag

Styled by Law Roach


[Photo Credit: DARA KUSHNER/,, WWD,]

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