Saturday Leftovers for the Week of November 17th, 2019

Posted on November 23, 2019

Darlings! Your lovely, talented, fabulous and humble hosts spent ALL DAY yesterday trapped inside a recording studio, forced to read our book, over and over again. It was HARROWING. Just kidding, it was tremendous fun – if also completely exhausting. What a gift to a couple of authors; to be given the chance to read their work in exactly the way they intended it to be read. We’re back today for Round Two and we’re really looking forward to it. In the meantime, you should go ahead and pre-order that audiobook, because in our entirely UNhumble opinions, it totally slaps.

Anyway, spending a couple of days playing Recording Star leaves a couple of bitchy, busy bloggers with a bit of a backlog. We know we have a Drag Race UK recap to get up, we know we have 6 more episodes of The Crown to talk about, and we know we’re gonna want to do a Watchmen recap because the next episode is going to blow your mind. The bad news is that we’re probably not gonna get to ANY of that today. The good news is that we will be digging in that backlog starting tomorrow. The other good news is that we simply couldn’t leave these poor red carpet mediocrities unjudged. It wouldn’t be fair to you OR to the people wearing said mediocrities.




Brooke Shields

Pilgrim Chic. It mostly works, although we think the collar should’ve been toned down a bit. She is about 2 decades behind on a serious hair and makeup rethink.




Elizabeth Hurley in Nedo

Can’t really argue with a model in a gold sequined gown, but those gewgaws hanging off her look like a safety hazard. At the very least, she must find herself snagging on a lot of doorknobs.




H.E.R. in Dsquared2


Although truth be told, the shoes are a weensy bit of a disappointment.




Idina Menzel

The oxford-tucked-into-a-formal skirt thing has been a classic since Sharon Stone made it so, but this feels like a half-assed and haphazard version of it. The top looks flimsy, the skirt’s a wrinkled mess and the pink bag somehow cheapens the whole look.




Karlie Kloss in Cushnie

It takes a model to make a dress like that do that.




Keri Russell

It’s okay, but we don’t think the proportions regarding the dress length and the coat length are right. The hem needs to be lower on the dress.




Laura Ambrose

Cute, bold, retro-’40s and as holiday-appropriate as a dress gets. We think the big waist bow can go, though.




Rami Malek, Robert Pattinson, and John David Washington

Acceptable low effort blandness across the board. Tsk.




Selena Gomez in Prada

Horrible textile in a horrible color made into a dowdy and ill-fitting dress. Should’ve left this one on the pile, dear.




Sienna Miller in Chloé

Kinda love it, to be honest. We’re not sure about the walking-away effect, but she sure nailed the jewelry accessorizing.




Sarah Jessica Parker

The coat’s so gorgeous and focus-pulling that we kinda wish she’d worn pants or a shorter skirt. That peek of prairie dress kind of takes away from the kickassedness of that coat.




Susan Kelechi Watson in Rasario

Nothing wrong with a red velvet dress in late December, but we’d have rec’d either a tricky skirt or a tricky top, but not both in such a strong dress. Also, the shoes clash.

More weekend content to come, darlings! For now, we’re off to the recording studio once again!

*puts on shades like a rockstar*





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