Rashida Jones in Carolina Herrera at the “Klaus” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on November 05, 2019

Come with us on a journey, darlings. You see, several years back, when Miss Rashida was on Parks & Recreation and tended to hit red carpets with a but more frequency than she’s demonstrated in more recent years, we tended to be quite impatient with her quirky style preferences, largely because they seemed so dowdy. But we’ve softened a bit after years of bitchery and we tend to be much more open to any celebrity expressing their quirk on the red carpet rather than succumbing to trends or getting talked into cookie-cutter samey-same fashion. So lay it on us, Rashida. We’re big-hearted and open-minded now.


Sweet Jesus on a breadstick.

We’re all for quirky fashion and comfy shoes – truly, we are! But the proportions here are so comically bad that we honestly don’t understand how she can’t see them. Sweetie, this dress gave you the body of a five-year-old. You look like Ramona Quimby. And hey, we all love that sassy little rapscallion, but a fashion icon she is not.



Style Credits:
Carolina Herrera Collared Silk Midi Dress from the Spring 2020 Collection
Prada Shoes

Styled by Brad Goreski | Hair by Aviva Perea | Makeup by Jamie Greenberg

[Photo Credit: PRPhotos.com, carolinaherrera.com]

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