Maluma, J Balvin, Travis Scott and Orville Peck Cover The First-Ever Harper’s Bazaar Men Print Edition

Posted on November 26, 2019

For the first-ever Harper’s Bazaar Men print edition, Dior Men’s Artistic Director Kim Jones tapped four of today’s chart-topping artists who are redefining the music industry and look good while doing it – Maluma, J Balvin, Travis Scott and Orville Peck. The four distinct covers also feature original art by KAWS.





On working with Madonna: “Working with Madonna was the most epic thing I’ve ever done.”

On his music: “I’m very versatile. I love doing ballads, really romantic pop. And then I want to do a heavy reggaeton track or one that’s more hip-hop, R&B. It’s the same way I feel about style.”

On his heritage: “Latin artists didn’t have all these opportunities in the past. I want to show the world the heritage of my country and the beautiful things we have that nobody knows about.”




J Balvin

On Gianni Versace and Alexander McQueen being some of his personal heroes: “They were trailblazers in their eld and left a legacy for future generations.”

On his career: “I am grateful for what I’ve accomplished and for the opportunities that have come my way. But there’s still much work in progress and much dreaming left to do.”

On encouraging others to embrace their individuality: “We need to be inclusive and respectful and accept everyone as they are. That’s the message I want to share with my fans through all of my platforms, either music or fashion.”




Travis Scott

On labeling his music as a certain genre: “I would just describe it as different pieces of my brain—a mix of genres that I listen to on the daily.”

On his style: “My taste in clothes and in music go hand in hand. I couldn’t make one without the other.”

On collaborating with David LaChapelle and with Nick Knight on his albums: “I grew up admiring their work, and it’s what influences me to this day,”




Orville Peck

On his famous masks: “I sew them all myself. I always say that I’m keeping the fringe industry alive!”

On “the man behind the curtain”: “It’s not a persona of mine. I mean, I am Orville Peck. Yes, I wear a mask. I wear outfits that could be construed as costumes. I play on very heightened dramatic camp tropes, but that’s because I love country music and it embodies all those things. But I think I also produce quite a genuine current of sincerity throughout everything I do.”

On appealing to red-state fans: “I’m a gay cowboy wearing a mask and singing about hustlers in the desert. And any 80-year-old Hank Williams fan can listen to my song and tell me he thinks I have a beautiful voice. I mean, that’s really lovely.”



Style Credits:
Fashion Editor: Kim Jones

All clothing items are Dior Homme.

[Photo Credit: Hugo Scott/Harper’s Bazaar Men Magazine]

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