Elisabeth Moss in Kate Spade New York at MoMa’s “Her Smell” Screening

Posted on November 21, 2019

We had every intention of putting this one up to an “IN or OUT?” vote. But then we realized …



You guys would be so mean about it. We don’t call you Bitter Kittens for nothing.

In truth, we were momentarily dazzled by a frock choice that really seemed to suit her (a choice she manages only occasionally), but then we got to the bubblegum pumps and we threw up our hands in despair and woe. It was at that point we realized – y’know? Maybe that isn’t such a great-looking dress. Maybe that dress is badly proportioned, with the high hem, bracelet-length sleeves, weirdly askew plunge and shoulder pads? Maybe that skirt’s a little overdesigned to the point of being a little unflattering? Maybe we just thought she looked good in navy blue (she does) and momentarily lost our heads (it’s unlikely but possible). Anyway, let this be a lesson to us all.

And those pumps need to go back in the box with the Barbie they came from.



Style Credits:
Kate Spade New York Scatter Dot Velvet Dress

Styled by Karla Welch

[Photo Credit: Getty Images for MoMA’s The Contenders]

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