Zazie Beetz in Dion Lee at the “Joker” New York Film Festival Premiere: IN or OUT?

Posted on October 03, 2019

We think she’s got an other-worldly quality that allows her to make some of the goofiest fashion imaginable look drop-dead chic. Which is why we think you’re going to need to make the call on this one.



Because yes, that really is a goofy ass look consisting of a cutout dress over a corset. And yes, that is crazy and no one in their right mind would ever consider supporting or praising such a thing. And yet she looks amazing to our eyes. And not just because the hair and makeup are so appealing. The whole look really does work in tandem, each element playing off or downplaying another. If we stare at it too long our good sense returns and we start seeing it for the weird juxtaposition of questionable elements it is, but we can’t deny that it’s a high-impact look that seems perfectly calibrated to her particular settings.

But go ahead. Tell us we’re nuts.

Zazie Beetz’s Joker-Appropriate Cray:

IN or OUT?




Style Credits:
Dion Lee White Corset from the Fall 2019 Collection
Dion Lee Black Cutout Dress from the Spring 2020 Collection
Mateo Pearl Studs and Rings
Manolo Blahnik Sandals


[Photo Credit: Kristin Callahan/ACE Pictures/, John Nacion/]

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